SWATT Meeting Action Items

Hello SWATT,

10AM SAMS Discussion, Contracts and Upcoming Technical Training (who wants to participate for the coming year?)-Cory and Clint

 After much discussion it was decided that we would like Phoenix Technology (John and Jim new company) to provide a bottom line figure (cost) as well as a timeline that it would take to update our SAMS servers (the amount of time it would take to do the update after we send the SERF files for Iron, Garfield, Kane and Beaver).  This update could be done remotely (no need to train us at this point).  The update would include importing the CRT 2010 data as well as providing the rollover for the new year.

We discussed the possibility of entering into a per-student, per-year contract ($2.00 per student) but at this time the technology folks were not interested in a yearly contract (we could possibly look at this sometime down the road, if all goes well). 

Can Phoenix Technologies provide us a bid for the total cost (broken down by each district) and a timeline for the update?

Cory will follow-up on this…

10:30AM REDS Discussion and Update-Cory, Jack, Jim B., Ken K. and Lawrence

The Regional Educational Date System (REDS) is up and running, this includes all CRT data for the 6 districts for the years of 2005-2009, once the 2010 data is out it will be imported as well.  The SEDC team can develop custom reports using the REDS system. Washington District is working with Kevin in Millard to develop several reports in PowerSchool, Kevin will get with Jim to schedule a day to get these reports into his system.  Once the Millard reports are complete we will work on the SIS districts.   

11:00AM ECID Update (including UDD)-Cory and Clint

The ECID conference was held on July 19th and 20th, here are the list of principals that attended and that will participate in the project for the coming school year:

Betty Ann Rember – Panguitch High 
Sue Bassett – Escalante Elementary
Barbara Garrett – Tonaquint Intermediate
Michael Stephenson – Pine View Middle School
Kevin Pedersen – Hurricane High School
Tim Lowe – Dixie Middle School
Jody Heaps – Minersville School
George Richardson – Fillmore Middle School
David Styler – Millard District
Brent Blodgett – Valley Elementary
Jim Wood –  Valley High School
JerryOldroyd – South Elementary
Brent Bonner – North Elementary
Ray Whittier – Fiddlers Elementary 

Those attending worked with the new USOE data display to analyze data, they were all very impressed. 

Next ECID conference will be held Jan. 12th.  Clint or Cory will be doing follow-up work in each school starting in September and going through the school year each month.

11:15AM LAN School Update-Rick and Cory

Cory will contact the LAN School Rep to see if we can purchase off the State pricing list that was given to Rick.

11:30AM Regional Planning in Jan.-Cory

Planning session will be help on Jan. 10th and 11th, with folks from all four regional centers, location TBD but the three highest priorities are:


Each district will be asked to share best practices.

11:40AM Technical Database Training (we need a date and location)-Cory

Nov 8th-12th in Washington District, SEDC will work on developing a draft and agenda and will send it out ASAP.  It will include a basic strand as well as an advanced strand.  Charlie will schedule two rooms in the Woodward center for us.

11:45AM uTIPS update-Clint

As reported by Clint, there has been a flurry as of late, and it was requested that I send the summary notes to the group.

  • Test Item Pool has been updated in Math. 1,137 math items for grades 5 and up (920 multiple choice and 217 essay questions) along with some item corrections and alignment changes in Science and Language Arts.
  • Misc. bug fixes related to the database were implemented.
  • This update took about 8 hours per server (it was a big one). The item update process has been streamlined to a point that when new items become available, the updates can be completed in about 60 minutes. This means that new items can be imported almost the day they are made available.
  • Student test data/scores have been deleted, but existing tests are still in place. 
  • Tests were not deleted, but some Core Items were deleted from the lower grades. 
  • Old teacher created tests will still function normally (or better).
  • It’s recommended to update/make new tests to take advantage of the new items and alignments to fit the changes in the core – especially Math teachers. 
  • Old user accounts will not be deleted unless requested. SEDC has requested that any user account that has not been accessed since August 1, 2007 be removed from our system. This is approximately 4,700 accounts on the SEDC server alone. 95% of those accounts are from districts that we do not serve. We will take our chances on the other 5%, and will be more than willing to help teachers create new accounts.
  • Teacher classes and student import to UTIPS can be done anytime on a school by school basis. Is this available only to SIS districts at this point. SEDC will have this utility soon and will be glad to help populate teachers accounts with classes and students if requested. Nate Ober at USOE hears rumors of a PowerSchool program, but has no timeline on availability.
  • There is a new helpdesk phone number (801) 214-TIPS (8477) and of course the helpdesk email – help@utips.org

We also heard from Jim Stewart about the development of a completely new UTIPS system that is a complete rewrite of the current UTIPS system, and will be hosted at UEN. This project is a collaboration of UEN and USOE. The first version has been demoed to the data mentors around the state, and the project is scheduled to be made available as a 1.0 version to the state in April 2011. Piloting on a small scale will be done between now and then. 

Many of the current ‘bells and whistles’ in UTIPS will not be included in the new iteration – no buddies, blogs, home pages, etc. The focus is to make this a strong, usable formative assessment engine. Once it’s available to everyone in April, they will take input from the UTIPS Users Groups and the teacher community using it to suggest improvements and request additional needed features. 

The new system will be independent of the current UTIPS, running on new hardware. The old UTIPS system will remain in place for teachers to use, and migration to the new system will be voluntary. The move from old to new will be handled very much like the migration from TIPS to UTIPS. The move to the new system should be natural and organic.

The plan is to allow districts to have open access to the test data. Through an ODBC connection, tests results can be pulled into SIS systems first, with the possibility of a connection into PowerSchool systems at a later date. Hopefully, this new UTIPS engine can and will become not only the formative tool used by teachers, but also the summative tool for end-of-year assessments. Eventually, the project will be open sourced with the hope that other states, districts or educational entities will use and contribute to the development of the system.

This new system is not being widely publicized on purpose. They don’t want to over-sell and under-deliver. It’s not a secret project, but the hope is to keep it somewhat quiet so that the development team can work as hard as possible to deliver a great and usable system by the April deadline.

Lots of information there. Hopefully you are still reading! Please let me know if you have any questions about UTIPS. SEDC is committed to helping districts get the most out of this tool. Please contact me at anytime with questions or training requests.

Lunch-Pizza was good

12:30PM gMail Items-monitoring teacher/student e-mail accounts, issues and concerns, training, and SSL?-Cory and group

Districts are moving forward with Google Docs/gMail, seems to be working well.  SEDC can provide training/support, just let us know.  SSL is an issue, Jack will send an e-mail to 8e6 and UEN documenting the problem.  We need to all re-focus on training teachers on appropriate Internet use and how to work with their students on internet policy.  SEDC will look into the OAuth feature of Google tools and will report next SWATT meeting.  Google has a new feature to create sub-domains.  

12:45PM Regional Door locks, monitoring and video security update-Jack and Cory

SEDC is in the process of designing a new video security system for the office, we will design it in a way so it can be replicated/modeled by the districts for a school solution.  We are getting several bids and will go with the best and most cost effective solution.  Districts can purchase off our contract.  District will need help in their design and implementation the vendor we select needs to be willing to help.  SEDC tech team will provide support for those selecting the regional solution. 

1PM 8e6 Discussion/Update-Jim Stewart

UEN is working with 8e6 and others vendors to develop a new filtering contract.  They will be pulling together a committee to make recommendations for a long term filtering solution in September, Jack will represent the SEDC region on this committee, if there are others in the region that would like to participate please contact Jim.  No need to purchase 8e6 hardware at this point we need to wait and see the committee’s recommendation.  

1:15PM  Joomla Training/Demonstration 1.6-Clint
Training was excellent, thanks Clint.

Cory Stokes
SEDC-Educational Technology  Coordinator
Office 435-586-2865