SWATT Meeting Notes-Nov 23 2010


As promised here are the notes from the SWATT meeting last week (Nov 23rd at the SEDC office).  The notes were complied by Kelly M. (kelly, thanks for your work on this)

Charlie Roberts
Ron Wood
Jim Glover
Kevin Chapman
Gerald Talbot
Tracy Davis
Jeff Short
Jim Stewart-IVC
Rick Gaisford-IVC

Update on Distance Education Grant

·    Wimba/ Movi training:  SWATT will provide 15-30 trainings next SWATT meeting.  We should know on the RUS grant sometime in December.

Regional Texting Server

·    Teachers will be able to send emails to students (and parents) through a texting server about upcoming events in the class.  Canyon View High has TextMarks they are using.  Washington does it within the Google Domain.  Some schools are paying for a service. 

·    SWATT will look for some Google solutions or open source options.  Each teacher can have one account for free on TextMarks.

·    Does texting interfere with no cell phone policies in schools?  Is it good for alerting (for example no school today)?

·    SWATT will approve the server if SEDC can provide a direct solution.  Cory will present this to the board, if approved, SEDC tech team will implement.  


·      Jack will continue to search for solutions and keep SWATT up to date, the one we have will have to change by the end of the year.  Iron is using Dell CASE, which is an option but it is expensive. ($7.50 per unit per year, 3 year contract)

·      What solutions work for small and larger districts?  Smaller districts can use “Ghost.”, Jack will follow-up on this.


·      You can set up accounts parents can view from home.

·      3 year upgrade, 3 year service protection. 

·      Brody walked through the downloading and installation of the program.

UEN Update

·      Not enough fiber cables were installed, working with security issues.  Federal Government and Quest are involved in working out the issues.  A solution should be worked out by Jan. 1 2011 to keep the grant. 

·      An option is to take stimulus money that hasn’t been used.  Currently there is no solution to funding issues.

·      If you have questions for Jim, send questions to ….(people in respective positions)

Google Tools Training

·      Teachers can manage what apps students have access to.

·      You can log into the regular Gmail homepage using your full email from your apps domain account (example@sedc.k12.ut.us) and still have access to all of your apps/settings.  You should transition your account to access new Google features as soon as you can.  Google will do it automatically in early 2011.

·      There is a new option under ‘organizations and users’ to set up sub domains.  You can assign rights and privileges to each domain separately.

AUP/ Electronic Communication Ownership Discussion

·      Communication belongs to the district and can be audited. Teachers need to understand this.

·      Board rule will require every district to have a policies on AUP and Cyberbullying.

·      SEDC needs to follow up and research Cyberbullying policy.

GIS update

·      Schools can have access to bussing programs to install on their own.  Contact Rick for license. 

CUTS Update

·      Still some spots available for Cisco training in Salt Lake.  There is interest in sending people.  SEDC will pay for the training if Districts will pick up travel cost.

·      We may be able to get them to come down and train here.

·      UEN security training is coming up (forensics) around the fist of June.  By the next SWATT we will have a date. 

·      We should include a short security training in conjunction with the administration conference.

Professional Development Conference

·      13-14 of October (UELMA-13th and UCET-14th tentatively) is in progress.  Washington will be providing trainings for both days. 

·      This will be publicized during the spring UCET conference.  A call for presenters will occur before that. 

·      UCET is providing registration tools.  Cost for teachers are being negotiated. 

NSF Grant Discussion

·      Letter of intent due in May, final in June.  Cory will follow-up on this grant.

·      A project we have come up with is building a regional portal, where everything is delivered from one server for a single sign on. 

·      Washington is looking at ‘mycampusk12portal’ grant to cover the presentation.  Date for that: 29th of November (Monday).

District/School/Teacher Web Site Update

·      Joomla releasing 1.6 in November, functioning by January.  Schools can roll over by next summer, or earlier if desired.

·      Concrete Template is being piloted in East, Fiddlers, and South.  In Washington Joomla is the administrative level, Concrete in schools. 

·      We need to find new pilot schools.

·      UTIPS is coming out with a purely testing engine.   You can view or search questions by tags.  You can manually edit tests and questions.  Everything from the old UTIPS to new should be good, you won’t much.  Each student will have a log in so it retains a testing session.  Runs on html5 (no flash or pop-ups needed)

·      Clint needs names of pilot teacher for the rest of the year, he will send out an email about it.

Planning Summit Update-Jan 10th and 11th at Ruby’s Inn, see below for agenda

·      Make sure you are aware of what you are presenting with and with whom. The idea is to build local capacity. Please get your tech people to come, there are rooms available. 

·      SWATT meeting will be Monday night at 7:00.




11:30am – 12:45 pm                        Registration                                                                                    Red Canyon A

11:30am – 12:30pm                         Potato Bar Buffet                                                                        Red Canyon A

Menu: Potato Bar: Potato, cheese, broccoli, chili, bacon bits, butter,
           sour cream, green salad, fruit, dessert, & beverage

12:45pm – 2:15pm                         1st Breakout (90 Min)

·      Data reporting tools by Charlie Roberts, Lawrence Esplin, Jim Black,
     and Kevin Chapman                                             Manzanita
·      Web user authentication/logging by BJ Peterson                                             Bristlecone
·      Macintosh imaging by Randy Yardley, Ken Munford                                    Pinion
·      Useful IPad apps for techs by Josh Galvez (and/or other volunteers)                  Sage
·      Windows 7 Imaging by Don Remy                                                               Red Canyon B

2:30pm – 4:00pm                         2nd Breakout (90 Min)

·      Wireless solutions for the entire district by Charlie Lawrence, Kerry White                        Manzanita

·      Video surveillance by the Cory Stokes, Tracy Davis                                                            Bristlecone

·      IPod touch and IPad in education by Lorrie Cook, Robert Gordon, Cal Hales, Derald Kurtz, Clint Stephens, Theresa Wilson                                    Pinion

·      Password and inventory management  by Josh Galvez                                                Sage

·      Virtualization: Is it worth it? by Karl Buchanan                                                            Red Canyon A


4:15 pm – 5:45 pm                        Keynote – Cort Buffington                                                            Red Canyon B

“Building Local Capacity In Technology Leadership”

6:00pm – 7:00pm                         Two Entrée Buffet Dinner                                                            Red Canyon A

            Menu: pot roast, chicken, potato, vegetable, salads, rolls, dessert,

                       and beverage

7:00pm – 8:00pm                         Regional Tech Meetings

            SEDC                                                                                                                                    Manzanita

            CUES                                                                                                                                    Bristlecone

            SESC                                                                                                                                    Pinion

            NUES                                    spanspanspanspan