SWATT Meeting Notes/Action Items

Hello SWATT,

Here are the notes from the meeting on Monday evening (7PM to 8PM at Ruby’s Inn), again, thanks for all those that attended from the region as well as the SESC folks, I thought the discussion was valuable (the meeting only went a little over and hour) .

Attending from the region:

Jim B.
Brent J.
Ken M.
Jeff S.
Randy Y.
Mike E.
Dave G.
Jim S.
Kathy W.
Randy J.
Kelly M.
Folks from the SESC region

Here are the notes/action items from the meeting, please review and let me know what you think….

SWATT Meeting

 Jan 10th

Future of iPads in the Region

Brent Judd-presented to the group on how he is using iPADs with his CTE teachers, each of his CTE teachers has been given an iPAD to use.    The students have not damaged them to his point (there has not been any repair issues/concerns for these iPADS up to this point).  They have been effective and integral for use in the classroom.  Podcasting is easier to implement.  Brent will be installing an Apple TV device connect to an LCD TV in each classroom, this will allow him to do a screen capture from the iPAD to the TV (showing what’s on the iPAD on the TV), students can pass the iPAD around to demonstrate various educational topics through the system.  There was a concern that an LCD TV will not be large enough or cost effective for this implementation (maybe look at a LED project, etc).  Other concerns include, possible networking issues (you need wireless access for this to work), online testing on iPads…can’t use with flash, but there are other options.  Are TV’s big enough to see text from the back of a classroom? 52”? 70”? Other projectors are going to become available (long bulb life, brighter, etc.).  Powerpoint doesn’t work, but there other apps that are available.  Creating on it is limited on the iPAD (viewing is great).

Other technology is available for tablets.  Android has the technology, but not the media delivery.

How do you pay for educational apps?  You can set up a school account  with an educational volume purchasing (Randy Yardly has information- Tues/Thurs webinar).  Please contact Randy if interested.

What kind of regional support is needed?  At this point, just provide training.

How do you support technically the devices?  There are many new devices coming out in the next five years.  People are going to bring in their personal devices, how do support this?  At this point, let students, teachers and other staff purchase them and bring them to school, there’s nothing we can do to stop this.  They should be able to support themselves.

Districts/regions need to provide the bandwidth (internet solutions).  We become the ISP, focused on providing filtering and high bandwidth.

IPAD seem to getting teachers to talk about what is going on in their classroom?  Sharing resources and providing help one to another.

Next steps:  Focus on the wireless in schools (bandwidth/ip addresses/filtering 86, login, xerus wifi array)

Regional Texting Server Update

Other options: Google voice messages, chat sms messages to students.

We need to come up with a solution beforehand (with liability issues)

Next steps:  Bring it up one more time to the superintendents, ask them if it’s ok to research a few different options/solutions and present them in the next month of two.

Regional Online Teacher Evaluation Tool

SEDC is interested in providing a regional service for teacher observation/evaluations that principals could easily use a iPAD or Notebook computer to a walk through a classroom and complete to evaluaiton. This tool would send an email to the teacher after the principal completed the walk through and would then add the results to a database that we could develop meaningful reports.  Washington District is in the process of developing a tool that would allow us to add our own questions/observations (a flexible front end).  They will report on the progress of this tool in the March SWATT meeting.  Also we could look at Google survey to handle this project.  The front end would need to be compatible with the iPads and very flexible to change what the principals are observing. 

There is state-wide interest in this project. 

Next steps:  We will talk to the superintendents to see if we can move forward with this project.  Review the progress at the next SWATT meeting.

Inventory System Update

Please attend the inventory meeting on January 25th, 2011 at the SEDC office in the board room from 9M to 2PM (we’ll probably be finished before this time but you never know).  Lunch will be provided.  Max Kieffer from USOE will be here to lead the discussion.  Also, if you can’t make it in person we will provide a PolyCom (IVC) connection for the meeting, just let me know the IP address of your equipment a few days before the 25th.      

Here are a few discussion points/questions for the meeting (please let me know if you have other questions you would like to address at the meeting).  

What system is each district in the region using, what are the pros, cons, etc.?

What are we required (by law) to inventory/track?

What fixed assets does it make sense to inventory/track (are there other assets we should be tracking although it’s not required by law, what’s the cost/benefit break even point)?

What’s the future of USOE’s FIS Inventory system (an update/discussion on the new FIS 2 system), is this the best solution to use for our district’s inventory system?  Is it good enough?

Is there a need to barcode each fixed asset that we track?  Will barcoding make it less or more work?

What is the most effective strategies to rectify past inventory issues?  How do we clean up our current data?

How can we use our inventory system to make informed decisions?  What questions should our inventory system help us solve?

What are some strategies we can use to get our schools/teachers to take more ownership in tacking their own inventory?  Does this make sense or is this a district responsibility? 

Computer Imaging Software Purchase Update

The new updated deployment solution software will be an Increase of $46,000 to upgrade. District didn’t seem very interested in this purchase.  Everyone wanted to see what Washington could/would come up with, Jim and Cody will look into the open source solution software called Fog, they will present this solution to the SWATT in March.  Also, Deployment Solution may be an option, SEDC will look into this and will present it at SWATT in March as well.

Next steps:  Cody/Jim from Washington will look at the Fog solution (no cost). We’ll decide in March .

Cory will send an email with details on what it will cost to maintain the current solution and more information on the updated version. 

Thanks and let me know if we missed anything…. 

Cory Stokes
SEDC-Educational Technology  Coordinator
Office 435-586-2865