Notes from SWATT Meeting Today


Thanks for all those attending the meeting today (long but productive meeting).  Here’s the list of those attending:

Gerald T.
Jim G.
Jim B.
Mike H.
Ken M.
Jeff Smith
Randy Y.
Jeff Short
Jim S. (IVC)
Rick (IVC)
Jeremy (IVC)
Randy J.

March 22rd, 2011

10AM-10:30AM-Regional Priorities for the Year (planning session)-Cory and Group Discussion

Improve communication or “visioning” with superintendents about what is going on in technology. Have tech directors come to board meeting to present and participate. Computer labs may become obsolete with wireless devices? How do you accommodate testing? How do we fund technology in the future?  FIS-Will be dropped by USOE eventually (3-5 years).  Replacement plans? Timeline?  Cory will work with USOE and the districts in the region as they move from FIS to a new system.  Video surveillance- Move forward as is, with a couple instillations a year.

10:30AM-10:45AM-Texting Server Update-Scott and Cory

Scott has some quotes and solutions.  Cody/Washington District is using Twitter with two channels “general” and “emergency”.  Scott will follow up with Cody and Jim to see if we can develop a long term solution using Twitter.  Scott will present an update on this in Next SWATT meeting in May.

 10:45AM-11AM-Discussion on Deployment Solutions (Imaging software)-Jack, Cody, Jim, Ron, and Cory- Travis Booth from Nebo can do a training May 26. Those using Deployment Solutions should attend this training.  Jack will work with Travis to schedule the training.  More information to come….

11:00AM 12:00PM-Regional Virus Scanner Software (demonstration by Faronics, Sophes, etc.)-Jack and Cory- Iron County will pilot the Deep Freeze solution in a non testing lab. April 28 at 10:00 we will report and make a final decision on a regional purchase. Cory and Jack will work on pricing and software.




12:30AM-12:40AM RUS-eREACH Grant Implementation and Timeline-Cory

Hardware/equipment will be ordered in the next couple of weeks. SEDC and UEN will install/setup the equipment June/July timeline

 12:40AM-12:50AM-Digital Copy Rights Discussion-Kelly- 

Copyright document links: Quick Look Rubric and Best Practices.  Flyer in an email that will be sent to principals (cc tech directors) about DVD duplication.

 12:50PM-1:00PM-gMail Delegation-Clint- 

After plus sign isn’t recognized.  It is an option for younger students’ accounts

 1PM-1:15PM-Teacher Observation/Evaluation Tools Update-Charlie (Washington Team)- LEAF “Leaders Evaluating Administrators and Faculty” Kevin Chapman is willing to pilot the system. (Millard District).  Washington County will host it on their servers until they are ready to officially roll the solution out to others in the region and state.  It will be ready for next school year (there’s no way for it to be ready this school year).  Will run on html 5.  Ray, Iron District, would like to be a pilot school.  Washington will provide a server setup training when it’s ready to roll out (next fall or so).  Excellent progress and work from the Washington team, great job.


1:15PM-1:30PM-Discussion on classroom access technology (IPADS, Thin Clients, Smart Phones, etc.)-Group 

Mobile device (tablets) and desktops may be the most effective way to move in the future for teachers.  iPODs are a very effective computer for students to use to enhance education.  We may want to take a field trip to Kerns High to see their project in action, Cory will work on this.


1:30PM-1:45PM-CUTs upcoming training (Lab Expert, UEN Tech Summit, New Horizons, other?)-Cory 

Cory will send out a catalogue of New Horizons upcoming trainings.

 1:45PM-2:00PM-Update on the regional data projects (SAMS II, REDS, PowerSchool, SIS, Washington Tools, etc.)-Cory, Jeff, and Charlie 

The new tech person will focus on data reporting development, networking and software support.  This person should be able to train on the things he is coding/developing in order to build some redundancy, 

 2:00PM-215PM-New Utips Demo and Discussion-Clint 

The new Utips demonstration was a big hit.  The SWATT was very impressed and ready to move forward with this product.  This will be a huge training issue for the schools and districts.  SEDC is willing to provide training and support.  We need to make sure the old system is up and running for several years until we can get everyone moved over.

Cory Stokes
SEDC-Educational Technology  Coordinator
Office 435-586-2865