Notes from SWATT

Hello SWATT,

Here are the notes from the meeting today, please let me know if I missed anything that needs to be included…

SWATT Meeting

May 19, 2011

Thanks for every attending the meeting today (here’s the list)

Charlie R.
Jim B.
Cody P.
Mike H.
Jeremy C.
Ken M.
Randy Y.
Jeff Smith
Tracy D.
Kevin C.
Jim G.
Travis T.
Kelly M.
Jack E.
Clint S.
Randy J.
Scott H.
Rick G. (IVC)

10AM 10:15AM-Regional Computer Forensics Program-Jack, Cory

– Administrators should know what to do if it happens…districts should create a laminated card of steps they need to follow

– Criminal always goes to police, by law our responsibility (as techs) is to report

– A procedure has to be in place for how to deal with it, techs should be a part of the policy

-Teachers need to be aware of policy and responsibility.  Make sure AUP is up to date.  

-Jeremy is willing to help the regional district with Forensics (thanks Jeremy)

10:15AM to 10:30AM-Bit Defender Install/Setup-Scott, Cory

– Scott will set days to provide training with Millard and Garfield in June, the rest will be in July. 

10:30AM to 10:35AM-Video Surveillance Upcoming School Implementation/Update-Cory, Jack

Cedar Middle School Video System is complete and is working well

-Kanab High will be completed the last week of June

– No new schools have requested at this point, if a district would like to install video cameras please give SEDC several months warning 

10:35AM-10:45AM-REDS and other Data Items-Clint, Scott and Cory

– Add DIBELS data to reports.

– Continue to do it??  The three smaller districts will find out how teachers are using the data and let us know

10:45AM to 11:00AM-Updating the 86e Filters-Jack

– Jack will help Kevin and other districts with the order. 

– The quotes are on the handout.  Please order soon.

11:00AM -11:10AM-SUECON-Charlie

SUECON is the fall UCET and UELMA Conference in St. George, SWATT should sign up to present

– October 13-14, registration should be up on Monday

– Information needs to be sent out to all teachers and principals. 

-Cody will send out a link for teacher registration in the next couple of days

11:10AM-11:30AM-Washington’s Teacher Evaluation Tool Demonstration-Charlie and Team

– If you have reports you would like to see, let Washington know.  

-This is a big ticket item for the schools/districts

-SEDC will host a regional server once it’s ready to go (pilot with start in the next couple of weeks, should have a server in place by the start of school in Aug.) 

11:30AM-11:45AM-VOIP Update and Regional Project-Cory, Tracy

– Get standardized bulk purchasing prices for the region-Cory

– Encourage teachers to use Google Voice or other available tools


11:45AM-12PM-Texting Service using Twitter-Scott, Clint

– Clint and or Scott can help districts setup a Twitter account to provide text alerts, please contact them help

If you are interested in “text to tips” it will be available in Utah free until June 1.  Clint will send out an email with the information.

12:30PM-12:45PM-FIS Update-Cory, Randy

– Wait until a more solid solution comes into place (don’w jump into this too soon).

– Open source and or FIS is not a solution, we will look at several vendor systems over the next few months

 Alpine’s RFP time line may not work for the districts in the region

– Randy and Cory will pin down USOE on the FIS/FIS II discontinuation timeline

– We have a meeting on June 8th with business administrators that everyone is invited to.  Cory will get out more information about it.

12:45PM-1PM-Upcoming CUT Training-Imaging, Bit Defender, Cisco Wireless, etc.-Cory, Jack

– No on Bit Defender training

– There is interest in Cisco wireless training, Jack will schedule it

– June 7th at the SWATC on Imaging.  If you want to come, bring what device you want to image with.  Contact Jack if you have people that want to attend. 

1PM-1:15PM-Inventory/Scanner Solutions-Randy Yardely

1:15PM-1:30PM-K-3 Reading Funding-Cory

– There is a possibility of funding for programs.  Talk to district reading specialist to see if they want to do that.

1:30PM-1:45PM-Canvas and other Distance Education Tools-Cory

– Blackboard will no longer be a distance learning tool.

– Moodle is an option, SEDC will work with the State to install a server-Jack

– Any district can access the Electronic High School curriculum to use. 

1:45PM-2PM-District Plan for HB65 (role of the technology departments)-Cory

            -Kathy Webb will come down July 21 and lead the discussion on what we can do and how the legislation will effect schools in the region.

Cory Stokes
SEDC-Educational Technology  Coordinator
Office 435-586-2865