Notes from SWATT Meeting Today


Thanks a million for attending the meeting today, thanks for your thoughts, input and feedback on the regional projects, training and tasks. You guys do an excellent job for your districts and helping move forward technology in the region, thanks:

September 27, 2011

Attendees (thanks for those participating):
Jeff S.
Jim S. IVC
Rick G. IVC
Kathy W. IVC

State technology standards for districts/schools-Rick, Cory, Charlie

USOE has developed a set of technology standards to be used at the district, region and school level. The TCC group will be reviewing and helping to develop these standards at a higher level. USOE has set up a Google form for each of us to provide feedback on the new standards after the TCC meeting (Sep 29).   Please read through the draft to know what they are planning to present to the legislators and other key state level folks next year. Talk to your districts about it. After the TCC meeting, SEDC will set a date to revisit these standards and provide feedback as a region, Cory will follow-up on this (before the end of November).

FIS update and next steps and thoughts-Cory

A solution should be selected by the end of November (as per Alpines RFP).  Most districts are going with Alpine District’s RFP. It’s the BAs choice but we all agreed that if asked for input we need to push the importance of a web based solution. Cory will continue to follow-up on this project and will let everyone know of the progress.

eREACH course planning and focus for the coming year-Cory, Kelly

What type of classes should be delivered over this equipment?

Technology classes Thursday evenings 30 min (or some day each week), the SEDC tech team will develop a schedule for these tech classes and Cory will forward this on to the SWATT to provide feedback.

Kane thought math classes would be useful.

Can we archive the classes that are taught? YES!

SEDC board meeting in Nov will be over the eREACH system

If you have an event that needs to be scheduled, contact SEDC (Kelly).

Regional retreat in Jan., is there interest?-Cory PHP and Perl development, Cisco, Firewall, etc. classes-Scott, Cory

Instead of doing a planning retreat, we will do a PHP/MySQL training to develop specific useable project like technology inventory system, or password system, etc.. This training may take place on
Nov 8-9, Dec 8, Jan 10 Location: Cedar City, 9 AM – 4 PM. Scott and Cory will work out the details and send the final agenda soon.

LEAF next steps and thoughts-Jack, Charlie, Scott
Washington will set up a user group and meet regularly to discuss progress, this user group will involve folks from SEDC and the other districts.
SEDC will have it ready to go live October 10th.
SEDC and other districts can and should help in the development.

Protocol for updating regional servers-Cory, Jack, Scott

Wait at least 48 hours after the release and then update the software.

BYOD and AUP follow-up-Cory, Clint

No action on this item, only a discussion item at this point..

Discussion on cross training-what would happen in your district  if you left for a week or two?-Cory, Jack

Managing Passwords is an issue. 

It’s important to have a primary and a secondary person assigned to each task, project or program. 

Is outsourcing a solution? The SWATT didn’t feel this would help move this forward.

Stoneware, Blackboard and other regional software purchases, thoughts or interest?-Cory, Jack

will go out and look at solutions as a region (lightspeed, canvans, zenserver (citrix)…). Cory will head this up and will schedule demonstrations and discussion for the region.

Online testing with MultiPoint server update and next steps?-Cory, Tracy, Scott

Scott, Cory, Ron and Tracy will be doing a pilot test for the Multipoint system in Minersville.
After Oct 3rd, we should have a better idea if it works, Cory will send out an update on this after our testing in Minersville.

CyberCorps project/grant update and next steps-Cory, Clint

NSF grant is an option to fund CyberCorps. Cory will look into this grant opportunity and will send out more information soon.

Regional secretary training this winter, where, when, what?-Cory, Randy

Request for video recordings of trainings and follow up.  We will put together an agenda and Cory will send it out.

Feb 2- Millard

Feb 9- Iron

Regional technology conference for Administrator June 1st-Cory, Randy

All tech personal are invited, Cory/Randy will send an agenda in the next several weeks, please provide feedback.

Upcoming events-SUECON, TCC meetings, UCET, Wireless Training, retreat, Next SWATT Meeting, etc…-Cory, Charlie

SUECON: If your school doesn’t have a credit card, you can have them send Cory a PO. They will take a PO at the door. Over 400 folks signed up for the conference. The Washington District has done an

excellent job on this event. Thanks.

86 Filter training November 2, send Cory an email if you want to attend 10:00-2:00

E-rate training- Cory needs to check with Sabrina to see if there is any 2nd priority funding but we don’t need training

TCC Meeting- Sept 29th, Date change limits people attending.  Charlie is the rural representative on the Board

Oct 18th Cisco Wireless training in Cedar-Jack will send out to the tech list.

Next SWATT meeting is Nov 29th.

All events will be posted on the SEDC SWATT Google Calendar.

New features of Google tools training-Clint, Kelly

Manage calenders is a new feature for domains.  You can add items or “rooms” to schedule.  

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