SWATT Meeting Action Items/Note Nov 29th 2011

Hello SWATT,

Thanks for the excellent turn out at yesterday's SWATT meeting:

Ken M.
Jeff S.
Jim S.
Jeff Short
Rick G.

Here are the notes/action items, please review and let me know….

SWATT Meeting Notes
November 29, 2011

10AM-11AM-Stoneware demonstration and discussion, Brody
Price: $5.50 per user based off your users equivalent the first year, $2.25 additional years to renew.   Just file access is $2.25 a user, or smaller access (40-50 users) price goes up to $30-40 a user.  One time install fee $4,000, two or three days.
Next steps: Cory will schedule some time with Carl (Wasatch) to look at their Stoneware solution once they get it in place. Gerald, Troy, and Kevin may be interested in going.
Cory will work with SUU to see/review their single sign on solution and will report at next SWATT meeting in January.

11AM-11:15AM-Technology standards, Rick, Charlie and Cory
These standards are specifically for the educational technology folks in the State to help establish a “vision” for technology at the region, district, school and classroom level.
A cost/benefit calculation sheet will be coming in the future.
Service centers need to be included in the last statement (and possibly others) as a provider of equitable services. 

Please review the standards and provide feedback to Rick ASAP (in the next day or two).
Rubrics are coming for each standard, they should really help the technology departments evaluate where they are currently as it related to the standards.

11:15AM-11:30AM-One to one hardware solutions (Chrome Books, Tablets, Netbooks, thin-clients, handheld, etc.), Charlie, Ken, Jack, Gerald and Cory
Washington is using Chrome Books as a one to one solution.
We can’t neglect professional development for BYOD or any other one to one solution (it may be the most important aspect)
Beaver is going with two Kindle labs for the reading program, Tracy will report on this in a future SWATT meeting
Charlie will do a demonstration of the Chrome OS in the future.

11:30AM-11:45AM-Transportation system regional project, Clint, Scott, and Tracy
We have about 15 feature requests.  In January we will start re-developing.  Contact Clint with any questions, he is the project lead.

11:45AM 11:50AM-Secretary training update, Cory
Every district is invited. In Millard Feb 8, in Iron Feb 9.
We will send tech directors and superintendents to forward registration emails on. Please send the information to all your secretaries.

11:50-12PM- Joomla conference/training, Clint and Cory
We are ready to update to version 1.7. Wed, Jan 25 is the date to get your district sites rolled over, Clint will send details of this training soon.  We'll follow up this summer for school sites.  
Clint has posted the “build your own document camera” on his website.

12:30PM-12:45PM-Regional software projects (imaging, bit defender, PHP, etc.), Scott, Jack and Cory
December 6th and 8th, Scott will continue PHP classes.
Make sure to install the agent and the antivirus for Bit Defender.
Imaging next steps: Cory and Scott will schedule and follow-up on imaging training (Shane maybe be willing to help with the training).

12:45PM-1PM LEAF regional project update, Jack, Scott and Charlie
Washington Tech Team will continue to fix bugs.  Send emails to Jack who sends fixes down to Washington.  Cody will create a user website for all information regarding the project. Jack will schedule LEAF server install training for districts throughout the State for the end of Jan/Feb.

1PM-1:30PM-Texting solutions for schools, Trent and group discussion
iRemind$50 per month for education per phone number.  Email questions to trent@iremind.com
There is interest in the voice piece that comes out next month, Cory will follow up on this feature and will forward all information to the SWATT list.
Clint provided a demo of http://remind101.com/ , this may be a free solution for your schools.

1:30PM-1:45PM-Elementary connections-UEN, Jim Stewart
If you are interested in coming to the supercomputing conference, contact Jim. If you know of an outstanding technically experienced Senior in high school planning on attending college they will be taking student volunteers.
UEN is not planning on asking for one time funding for filter hardware ($150,000) do we agree as a region? We would need figures and full support if we want them to ask.
Should we be supporting 86 as a region?
Is the legislature going to be picking up all elementary school connectivity funding?
The State Office is looking to roll out a cloud computing service if you are interested.
We need to define our regional priorities, Cory will add this to the agenda for the next SWATT meeting
In January we need to have a discussion about LMSs. Cory will collect some data.
UEN Summit is scheduled for June 2012 in Park City, SWATT needs to attend as well as present. 
We need to start holding T-Forum meetings again, Jim and Cory will work on scheduling these.

1:45PM-1:50PM-Administrator conference-technology, Randy and Cory
This is a technology conference June 1st at SUU, the technology directors need to be there to support administrators.

1:50PM-2PM-FIS update
Demonstrations 7AM-7PM Monday and Tuesday. Jeff S. and Cory will attend this important event.