SWATT Meeting Notes


March 27, 2012


Attendees:  Ken Munford, Jack Erickson, Kevin Chapman, Cori Flanigan, Charlie Roberts, Clint Stephens, Cory Stokes, Doug Griffin, Cody Pulmhof, Scott Harpster, Gerald Talbot, Randy Johnson, Jeff Short, Troy Bradshaw, Shane Hale, Ron Wood and Travis Terry and Rick Gaisford via polycom

LEAF: Jack provided a LEAF update and there was a short discussion about this. LEAF will be presented to the Board Members at the meeting in May.

FIS:  Cory let the group know that the first official training will be held at the Iron District offices from May 1st-3rd. Jeff has scheduled the lab. There is a group visiting Millard District on April 25th to see Time Force. Kevin indicated that the server in Millard is complete. Iron is the next one on the list.

Trouble Tickets:  Scott let the group know that three solutions have been proposed so far

1.     OS Ticket

2.     Help Solution

3.     Help Spot

TMS may be added as an option soon, as Help Spot is just too expensive. Tuachan indicated that they use Spiceworks and really like it. Shane would be willing to demo it for the group if there are any who are interested in visiting his school. A decision will be made on this by the next SWATT meeting in May.

Personnel Update:  Cory informed the group that Terra Gubler the Reading Specialist for SEDC has accepted a teaching job at George Washington Academy and will be leaving April 1st. The board has decided not to replace her position. They have made the decision to sure up funding for Scott’s position so he is no longer funded with soft money. Randy indicated that Scott has done a great job and the board is pleased to have him.

Legislative Tech Funding: Rick Gaisford from USOE lead the discussion via polycom on these issues:

·      SB178-7.6 million of one time funding will be available on July 1, 2012. This will be a simple application (Google form) that each tech director needs to fill out. Some things that will be required are total tech budget for district including salaries, benefits, etc. Each will also need to provide LEA, complete IRI by July 1, 2012, have a statement of need and indicate that all funds will be supporting online testing 100% by 2013. He also explained to the group that this is not a grant, therefore not competitive.

·      HB514– $200,000

·      SB196– $300,000 software for Autistic kids

·      SB248-3 million

·      SB178-Electronic High School was removed. Their budget was cut in half to about 1 million. They will now only offer core subjects. They will still allow for remediation and acceleration. A survey must be completed to apply.

Open Text Books:  Clint discussed with the group his research on eBooks. He indicated that Koha could deal with open textbooks. He downloaded a book to his iPad and it was successful from the C12 curriculum. He has created a link about eBooks from SEDC’s webpage under the media tab. Also the group mentioned that Weber School District has an online library that is awesome and they have made it available to everyone. There are some commercial solutions available also such as overdrive etc. The group had a great discussion on this subject and agreed it was something that needs to be figured out sooner that later as this is the future in education.


UIMC: The fee for participating districts will now be .40 instead of .77. Districts and service centers will be responsible for paying for the costs of duplications, cd’s etc. The .40 will only purchase the content. If districts choose not to pay they will not receive service from now on. UEN will be the entity doing the accounting and invoicing on this. The group was told to watch for those to be coming. Charlie suggested to the group that they still continue to budget the .77 for this project. The tech people will talk to their BA’s about keeping this in the budget as they have in the past.

uTips:  Clint lead a discussion about the new uTips program and the training he has done on it so far. Computers must have html 5 for it to work. The browsers that best support it are Chrome and Safari. Everyone agreed that there are still some major issues with some of the features that seem to be missing and really want them fixed for this to be a successful, user-friendly program. A sync with SIS seems to be the repeated suggestion that would solve a lot of the troubles teachers are having while trying to implement the program. Cory asked each district to report on their use and opinion of it in their districts.

·      Travis-the elementary’s are using it but secondary schools are still having major problems

·      Gerald- has not had very many questions so he assumes his people are still using the old utips

·      Tracy-they are not using it at all that he is aware of

·      Charlie-they use it a ton, but some areas are still a major disaster. He asked if Cory would follow up with Julie Quinn on updates.

·      Troy-Clint trained the teachers but he needs training on this so he can better serve his teachers

·      Shane- was not even aware of the program

·      Doug-they have tried to use it but have had major problems

Cory also told the group that UEN may be pulling out of coding and developing. This is not official, but the group was not happy with the possibility. They are all in agreement that USOE can’t handle this and it would be worse than it is now for everyone involved.

Bit Defender:  Iron, Millard, and Garfield are not involved yet. Cory will be invoicing them for a 3-year contract as per their verbal permission in the meeting. Ken would still like pricing on V-Shield, so Cory will call bit defender about that. Kane and Beaver have already paid for 3 years. Washington has paid for 1 year. ATC indicted they may like to participate if it is a possibility.

Imaging:  Altirus has agreed to $5700 to renew the contract. The cost will be split buy all of those who buy in. Gateway would like to participate pending approval from their principal. All districts indicated that they are in and Jack will send out invoices this week. Scott will be tech support for this project.

Summer Projects:  Jeff from UEN wants to schedule a week with each district that has splice on end. They all need to be replaced soon. This will involve Garfield, Washington, Iron. This project will require all Internet connections to be down until complete. Each tech director needs to make a list of sites and email them to Jeff soon. His email is jshort@media.edu .  Shane from Tuachan needs Jack to come down and help him with M86 stuff.

Web Guidelines/Protocol:  The group reviewed the recommendation of the people who participated in the web summit in February. It was decided that Joomla would be for district sites only, Concrete would be for school sites, and Google, posterous, blogger can be used for teacher sites. The group also recommended that any teacher sites that are not current be taken down. These recommendations were presented to the superintendents at Board Meeting. Also discussed was that each district needs to have a webmaster and have only that person be the contact person for the district. SEDC will only support what the districts support.

Chromebooks: Charlie brought some devices for the group to look at. He has purchased about 200 for his district and has them piloted in several schools of various ages. The devices cost $430.  The brands that are offered are SAMSUNG and Acer and they must be bought straight from the manufacturer, not from Best Buy etc. They come with the management system and a 1-year warranty. After 3 years you get a new batch shipped for free and get to keep the old ones so the district inventory doubles every 3 years. So far the teachers love them and the kids have done great with them. They are using apps in their daily instruction. Charlie has each school set up as their own domain and this has worked very well for them. Printing is still an issue but not a deal breaker for him.

BYOD:  Cory has a great starter template the can be modified so the districts can begin to think about how they want to handle this issue. Cory will email it to SWATT and Clint will re-draft a generic document and send out to everyone. SEDC will not tell districts what to say in this document. It needs to be up to every individual board/district so their policies are best met.

SUECON: October 26th and 27th in St. George. Cody indicated that they still need presenters and would like everyone to promote this in districts. It was very well received last year and they would like to see it be bigger and better.

Admin Conference:  This will be June 1st at SUU. It will be a technology-based conference at the request of the administrators. Google will be presenting.

UEN Tech Summit:  June 6th-8th in Park City

Rural Schools:  July 11th-13th at SUU. Tech directors were encouraged to promote this to their teachers to see if we can get better attendance than last year.

Grant Writing:  There will be a workshop at Iron District Office on April 18th and teachers will technology based projects are encouraged to attend.

Recycling:  The group only wants to hear options that will pay the districts for their products. Free is not even on option. Cory will let the people who have contacted him regarding this know about the decision. Washington uses a service that pays them right now and it works great.

Next SWATT Meeting:  May 20, 2012 10:00

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