SWATT Meeting Notes


Sorry for not getting these meeting minutes out sooner….Next SWATT meeting is on Aug. 1 from 10AM to 1PM, here at the SEDC office.


May 22, 2012


Attendees: Ken Munford, Doug Griffin, Kevin Chapman, Cori Flanigan, Scott Harpster, Jack Erickson, Gerald Talbot, Jeremy Cox, Cory Stokes, Clint Stephens, Troy Bradshaw, Randy Johnson, Jeff Smith, Travis Terry.

Attending via IVC: Rick Gaisford, Bob Potts, Charlie Roberts, Jim Stewart, Tracy Davis, Rick Cline, Melinda Harris

FIS: Iron and Millard are doing well with Alio and have had successful trainings so far. Kane and Garfield are not sure where their districts are in the process. The next training dates are scheduled for June 4-7th at the Iron District Office.

Technology Endorsement Program: This is something Cory wanted to see if there was in interest in throughout the region. It will be a one-year program for approx 3 hours per week and will be USOE approved credit. The group gave a unanimous yes to pursing something like this in the region. This idea will be presented to the SEDC Board for approval. Charlie has been doing this in WCSD and it is a huge success. He recommends doing a separate track for the elementary and secondary teachers. In his experience this makes a big difference in the training. This is something we could consider using IVC and have all teachers and participants throughout the region do together. Charlie also gives an incentive for his teachers to attend by giving them $2500 to spend on technology for their classrooms or school upon completion.

LEAF: USOE is now using OnTrack to do the same stuff LEAF is doing. It is there intent to use this system to replace LEAF. The questions were raised about how to get the date upload from LEAF to OnTrack. Charlie indicated that right now WCSD does not have a fee to add on features and USOE has indicated that they will be charging a fee to add features to their system. We need to find out:

·      How USOE will handle classified employee evaluations?

·      If someone from our region can participate in a beta test so we have a say for our districts. The group thinks this is necessary to have all of our districts represented. Beaver was nominated for this project.

Regional IVC: The group agreed that they want to use UEN for now and not go to a 3rd party solution. Jim will do what he can to help make this happen. This will be discussed at length at the May 26th meeting. Garfield’s Superintendent wants something up and running by August. They also need all of the classes recorded so students can access them at a later date. Jim will see what he can do to help meet the Aug 1st deadline. Kane and Millard would like to participate in this also. SEDC will help facilitate erate for canvas and work to develop a communication protocol. They will be in touch with Tracy on this as it develops.

Legislative Funding: Rick informed the group that on SB97 the base was raised from 10 to 15%. He also gave more information and a good dialogue was had on this topic.

CIPA: Melinda Harris and Rick Cline gave the group the information they needed to write their districts CIPA policies. She encouraged them to use the exact language that the FCC has in their policy. She also let the group know that they should not be specific about how they are going to educate students as of July 1, 2012. If the document is to specific auditors may have a field day if an audit is ever preformed. Each district must have two readings done by their boards and must have proof of posted notice via board agenda, website etc. Each district also needs to document the date CIPA was on the agenda and keep a hard copy for proof if needed for an audit. The CIPA form will be on UEN’s webpage under erate and netsafe by July 1, 2012.  WCSD and Gateway are done with the requirements but none of the other districts in the region including SEDC have completed all of the requirements.

Trouble Tickets: Jim approved Scott’s letter and now Eric Denna and Randy Johnson both need to approve it. Once this happens we will need to get the source code from Troy and then the system will be ready for use and instances will be issued.

Regional Inventory: Beaver has purchased a 3rd party solution to track their technology inventory. The group was asked if any of them were interested in looking to what Beaver has purchased. Each district said they would like to wait and see what Alio has to offer before they decide to purchase something else. Beaver is not on Alio so this is not an option for them.

Security Scan: Jeremy updated the group on the few scans he as performed so far and it seems to be working great. He will email a report to everyone when scans are completed. The question was raised to the group to see if the were interested in going with a 3rd party vendor for scans and all indicated that they were happy with what WCSD is doing for the region on scanning and were not interested at this time in looking at anything different.

UEN Update: VOIP is still a major issue and concern with South Central. The group agreed to let UEN work on a solution before taking action as individual district or as a region. Cory also let the group know that the director position was still open and has not closed yet. They have about 80 applicants so far, including Jim Stewart and Laura Hunter. They hope to have the position filled by July 1, 2012.

Bit defender Update: Scott gave the group a brief update on bit defender. Kane indicated that their video server is now working. The next meeting is May 23, 2012, at 2:00.

School and Teacher Website Update: Clint gave an update on the website migrations. Garfield will move on July 16th and Kane on July 30th. They will be moving their district sites from Joomla to concrete. Iron is scheduled to move their few schools later in the summer. When this topic was discussed at Board Meeting, the SEDC Board felt that it was essential for each school and teacher to have a site that is regularly updated.

Utips: Clint gave an overview of some of the new upload features that are now available in Utips. The group was pleased to see some of the new developments. The sync tool is now working. The old version will be available until January of 2013. Clint suggests having those who are using it move to the new version for the upcoming school year. Clint let the group know that Chrome and Safari work best when using Utips.

Next SWATT Meeting August 1st 2012, 10:00 at SEDC