SWATT Meeting Notes


Here are the notes from the SWATT meeting a few week ago:


August 2, 2012


Attendees: Cody Pulmhof, Kevin Chapman, Cori Flanigan, Jack Erickson, Cory Stokes, Clint Stephens, Travis Terry, Gerald Talbot,  Scott Harpster,  Jim Stewart, Randy, Ken, Doug, Jeff Short, Jeff Smith

Attending via IVC: Rick Gaisford

Video Surveillance: Jack told the group that they must have something posted so people know they are being monitored. As far as the AUP goes Park City has a template but it mostly a privacy policy. Jack will share the template on Google docs with the group. 

·      Cody indicated that Washington County is currently working on an AUP for their district.  They are trying to standardize this throughout their district as far as installations, camera placements etc.

·      We need to work on the GRAMMA laws for this

·      Only the principal, vice principal and SRO officer have access to view the videos

UEN Director Update  and Priorities: Jim let the group know that there were 140 applicants that applied for the position and of those the hiring committee felt that only 9 were qualified enough to consider. Two of those were interviewed and the hiring committee decided to raise the salary to $225,000 and re-open the position for more applicants.

·      Jim let the group know that we all need to be more involved with the UEN board. He said major changes have and are taking place and districts need to be aware and involved in the process.

·      Ken asked for a list of all of the UEN Board Members and Jim said all of their contact information is posted on UEN’s website.

·      Open board meetings are held monthly and anyone can attend. Jim encouraged the group to attend when possible. He also indicated it may be a good idea to put together a presentation for the board. Cory told the group to watch for emails on how to approach this.

State Online Evaluation Tool: Cory and Randy met with Syd Dickson about this last week and found out that the USOE is moving forward with their own evaluation tool. It will be through the OnTrack system. Beaver and Garfield district will be involved in the pilot with this.

·      State mandates will take effect next year. They want everyone onboard with their system.

·      It is going to be tough to use LEAF and have it tie in with everything they are requiring.

·      USOE’s solution will not track non-certified staff so LEAF may still be used for this.

·      Washington is going to keep LEAF in their back pocket and see how the other system works and have it as a backup if needed.

·      The consensus of the group was to stay on LEAF for one year and see what the state has to offer at that point.

Adaptive Assessment RFP: With the new assessment there will be no CRT’s after this school year. But they will be given this year for sure. The RFP is currently being written and a solution is being sought. Cory is on this committee and would like help and feedback to use in finding a solution.

Communication Protocol: All requests need to go through the technology coordinator in the districts. This protocol will be discussed further at board meeting later this month.

Password Software:  Keypass is the solution Jack has selected to help us keep track of passwords. It will also be better for security and a demonstration will be given at the next SWATT meeting.

Security Scan Update: Jack informed the group that the system is working great. The reports are functioning and beginning soon regular emails should start coming with the report information.

Bitdefender: Kane is still having a few problems with their video server. Scott asked the group if the problems are now isolated if they need to continue having meetings? He also suggested reading the manual before installing. As a next step on this project the group would like to consider looking into a cloud server pilot and working on licensing.

Trouble Tickets: Scott told the group that the goal is within the next 2 to 4 weeks to have something in place. There will be one database and one instance with custom forms. He showed a demonstration and the group seemed pleased.

eBooks and Open Textbooks: Travis indicated that Jennifer Yates from Kane district has contacted a printing company that will print the books for $3-4.00, double sided and spiral bound per book. Cory asked if the group thought any of their teachers would be interested? Some thought there might be some interest. The printer in Kane seemed interested in offering the same pricing for other districts. Clint encouraged the group to take a look at the CK12 foundation to build books or use the ones in their repository. He also showed them the Kahn academy and most were impressed.

Regional IVC and Canvas: Jeff from UEN indicated that they were putting Tandberg monitors and carts in the districts to assist with this project. He did say the districts would need to secure their own document cameras. This will allow the districts to budget the approx $10,000 for the C20 units to consider purchasing in the future.

·      Cory told the group about the Canvas training in Garfield last week. The cost is $9.00 per student per year to use Canvas. It was decided by the participants at the trainings to have SEDC create the domain on Canvas and the districts will all be under SEDC. This will assist with licensing issues. A demonstration will be done at the next SWATT meeting.

Technical Training: Cory asked if anyone attended the IPV6 training? No one was able to attend because it was far too expensive and there was not enough need to justify the cost right now. It was decided that this would be tabled and re-evaluated next June. Cory will work with Kelly from UEN to try and get something put together on this for next year.

Technology Endorsement: Cory asked the group again if this was something they would be interested in again. The really like the idea and would like to see it implemented sometime. Cory will take this to the board again and see if there is more interest than there was the first time it was mentioned. Currently the board feels like a STEAM endorsement would be more beneficial.

Upcoming Events:

TCC Meeting  September 26th and 27th

SUECON  October 26th and 27th

Next Year’s SWATT Meeting Schedule:  (All meetings will begin at 10:00 and will be at SEDC)

October 16, 2012                  February 26, 2013               June 18, 2013

December 11, 2012              April 30, 2013                       August 27, 2013