SWATT Meeting Minutes/Notes

Hello SWATT,

Thanks for everyone attending the SWATT meeting last week.  I thought the discussion was worthwhile and important.  Here are the notes:


Scott Harpster, Clint Stephens,Jack Erikson, Chris Haught, Troy Bradshaw, Gerald Talbot, Kevin Chapman, Travis Terry, Tracy Davis, Ken Munford, Charlie Roberts, Jeff Smith, Mike Hafen, Shane Hale, Cody Plumbhof, Jim Stewart, Ron Wood, 
Cory Stokes, and Doug Griffin.

Video Surveilance

  • Cory told the group that the Exact Vision Server Upgrade is part of the maintenance contract, users not on the maintenance contract can pay $250 to upgrade license for each server. It is not necessary to upgrade, but Jack reports there are features available in the upgrade such as multiple streaming.
  • Cory asked for input on the Regional Guidelines for the SEDC Video Surveillance Program Draft. With increased demand for projects, SEDC must set some guidelines for implementation, as outlined in the draft. Requests for service must come from the District Tech Director, all requests from schools will be directed to the District.
  • The Video Surveillance Policy Template was previewed, this is a template for districts to look at when considering implementing in their district. This AUP is not mandated by SEDC, only a suggestions.  Districts are encouraged to set up guidelines and processes to keep the video content secure. This is intended to be just a template and a starting point for the district to use to help schools and site personnel to better understand the implications of these systems.
  • Shane Hale of Tuachan Charter School added some comments on the use of sign notification.  He stated, “according to the law, in Utah, schools do not have to provide notification in place stating that there is video monitoring, unless there is a presumption of privacy”. It was discussed that there could be legal ramifications if the signs are in place and the systems are not working, as a school could be considered to be setting the expectation of monitoring.
  • SEDC is having the video surveillance AUP template reviewed by USOE legal staff and will finalize it in the next several weeks.

Tech Endorsement

  • Clint Stephens gave an overview of the proposed Regional Educational Technology Endorsement Outline, details are in the handout. Charlie Robert’s has a successful program and suggested SEDC look at working with SUU for the accreditation rather than go thru Washington County, as Clint is able to manage that.
  • The question was raised,”Do all the districts have the Video/IVC systems in place to implement the online training?  The answer is yes.
  • There was some concern about the time it would take away from the current trainings SEDC offers in the schools.
  • Teachers who complete the endorsement will be eligible for a lane change
  • SEDC will present the Endorsement to the Board Meeting on Nov 14 and will discuss the possibility of the Board providing funds and whether to focus the Endorsement on Elementary or Secondary.

BYOD/One to One

  • Cory reported on the recent TCC meeting he attended where the One to One is being discussed a great deal. There are concerns about the Bandwidth availability.
  • Jim Stewart discussed the plan UEN is proposing to upgrade the backbone, asking Legislators for funding. He encouraged the group to fill out the recent survey sent out by UEN to determine where current resources are being used.
  • Charlie Roberts reported that he is still waiting to hear on the pricing of Chromebooks, many commented they were waiting to see if there will be a price drop before ordering.
  • Cory will work with the districts on a regional solution to better manag/support BYOD and one to one programs.

Quick Tickets

  • Scott Harpster present the latest improvements made in the system:
  • Submitters will get an email after creating a ticket.
  • Ticket is assigned manually and an email sent to person assigned
  • Districts can add any group, ie: Maintenance, Tech,
  • It is viewable from a Smartphone
  • Scott will provide a timeline for implementation and support and will send to the SWATT.

IPad Apps/Volume Purchases

  • If Districts need help with training sites on the Volume Purchasing Program, they can contact Clint Stephens or Chris Haught


  • SUECON is full, all agreed Washington County does a superb job. It is a huge undertaking for the district and the question was asked, “Can SEDC host it every other year?” or provide more support to Wash. County? Cory will work with Randy and URSA on this request.


  • Garfield is doing classes between schools using EReach
  • Kanab Schools doing math classes with Lake Powell
  • SEDC is using Canvas and invites others to opt in for $9 or less per student
  • Jim Stewart mentioned other programs will be delivered thru Canvass
  • Canvas Training coming up on Nov 15th for all regional online teachers.

Technical Training Update

  • Charlie Roberts is using Schoology as a pilot for 2500 students
  • Cory reported that $20,000 worth of vouchers purchased thru the grant were used in the region for training. It was agreed by most that Districts would be willing fund more training, Travis suggested we look at other vendors. Sharepoint was mentioned as a need for more training.  Cory will work on this training.

Roles Database

  • Jeff Smith proposed a database be created that would include the types of services/programs used in each district and the contact person be listed. This would allow one district to see that another was using a particular service and be able to share information with the district seeking to purchase or learn that program. Cory has created a survey, any districts interested may contact him,

UEN-Jim Stewart

  • Jim reported that UEN is in the middle of an RFP, any schools with changes in bandwith or site needs are to contact him.
  • He also suggested that an advisory group of Tech Directors that is Board Approved be created to review and make suggestions to the Board.
  • He stressed that UEN is just not an “Internet Service Provider”, but a backbone and a provider of a myriad of services.

SEDC Server Room

  • Jack discussed the new server room and invited the group to tour it
  • Scott demonstrated Commander/Keypass, this system allows SEDC staff to VPN from anywhere.  Scott and Jack can help districts implement a similar solution.

Browsers and KOHA

  • Chris discussed some of the issues KOHA users were having with outdated browsers, the group agreed Chrome could be loaded or Firefox updated by Chris and she will send a note to the District Tech when needing admin access or making changes to a computer
  • Cory reported that ICSD is moving towards KOHA and will likely need to purchase a server
  • SEDC is looking into acquiring a grant for the purchase of EBooks to be hosted on KOHA as well as additional KOHA hardware

Regional Software

  • Garfield is happily using E2020, Beaver has bought into it and other can as well, please contact Cory on this, if interested.
  • Adobe Suite is available for discounted prices, a flyer was handed out.  If interested contact Cory
  • TeamViewer is being used in Iron with success, Scott will work with tech folks to put together a regional Remote Desktop system/server.
  • Altiris is up for renewal, Jack will work with each organization on renewing the contract.
  • Stoneware was discussed, Cory will set up a demo for anyone interested.


  • This was presented via Webex, Cory will schedule another demo for anyone interested