SWATT Notes/Action Items

Hello SWATT,

Here are the notes from the SWATT meeting on 12/11/2012 (Chris, thanks for taking the notes , great job).  Thanks for the great turn out and input from each of you.  Next meeting is Feb. 26th.

SWATT 12/11/2012  

Cory Stokes, Scott Harpster, Clint Stephens,Jack Erickson, Chris Haught, Troy Bradshaw, Gerald Talbot, Kevin Chapman, Travis Terry, Tracy Davis, Ken Munford, Charlie Roberts, Jeff Smith, Mike Hafen, Shane Hale, Cody Plumbhof, Jim Stewart, Ron Wood, Rick Gaisford, Jim Bob Potts, Craig Maxwell
Regional Software Purchases (Imaging, networking tools, VMWare, server portal, etc.)-Cory, Rick and Jack

  • Jack reported on the Regional purchases, Districts need to let him know if they want to be included by Friday 12/14/2012
  • Jack expressed concern over the the demands of the site networks when Chromebooks are added to sites. He has been demoing several tools that can survey the network, if a district would like to be included in a survey or the purchase of the software, please contact Jack.
  • There was a discussion of having the Vendor do the spectrum analysis.
  • Rick reported we have one more year on VM Ware and the Charters being included
  • Clint shared some Chromebook Resources on the SEDC site and a user group, he will set up a meeting for those interested.
  • Most Districts are purchasing Chromebooks, please let Cory know if there is a need for a regional purchase (Co-op).

Technical Training Upate and Discussion-Cory 

  • Cory reported on the latest Training options and supplied the group with a proposal, SEDC is willing to pay half the $10,000 fee if Districts and Charters will match.
  • Cory will send out email requesting specific classes
  • Cory will continue to negotiate with New Horizons
  • Cory will contact Skill Ramp (suggested by Shane) Skill Ramp now ExecuTrain

SUECON-Cody and Cory

  • Cody says it is planned for Nov 1 and 2 2013
  • Expanding site to include up to 4,000 people
  • Cody said there was great Feedback on Clint’s sessions
  • Cody wants to spread the word to more districts
  • Jeff suggested that Cody “assign” some responsibilities to each district
  • Cory to add to February SWATT agenda
  • Cory to schedule Cody to present at January Board meeting

Network Redundancy Discussion (AWI-licensed wireless bandwidth)-Vendor Discussion
AWI Networks presented a history of their company and how they established a secure network service to educational entities by setting up multipoint systems and purchasing multiple licenses. They have purchased several bandwidths and developed sites in the area. They cover 95% of Iron and Washington Counties with Broadband service. They offer redundancy for schools.

Online Adaptive Testing Update and Network Needs Discussion-Cory and Rick
It should be ready to go by the beginning of the next school year. The question was raised about the need for infrastructure/wireless network to support. Pricing scenarios were discussed, the average school of 800 students to equip wireless was $30,000. The USOE Board is asking for 30 million dollars to fund the technology needed to implement wireless for online testing. It was suggested that a tiered system be put into place that would prioritize funding on the following needs:1.  wireless infrastructure 2. support/engineering and professional development 3. devices

Demonstration of ClassLink LauchPad and Discussion on VMWare-Horizons, Stoneware, etc.-Vendor Presentation and Cory
The group watched a demo of Launchpad. They are sending Cory the info for a demo. They will do a demo until June for a one time fee of 995. There will be a demo of New Horizons on Dec 21, Cory will report back.


UTIPS Update and Next Steps-Clint, Rick and Cory
Clint updated the group on the current state of Utips. The old UTips could be closed June 30, the new Utips will be available for at least another 2 years. The question was raised, “should we push to keep the old utips”, probably not was the answer.
Clint asked if would be ok to let the principals choose which to use.  The District Tech Directors needs to help in this decission as well as provide leadership in which system to use for their teachers.  SEDC will provide supprot for either, just let us know.

E-rate/NetSmart-Clint and Chris
Clint showed the group the spreadsheet of schools that have had the training and explained the three different ways that it can be done, Netsafe by SEDC, Netsafe by school staff or Netsmartz.
Clint asked the schools to let him know when a training is done. Clint and Chris will make sure that principals document the training.

Tech Endorsement Update-Cory, Rick and Jim
The Board support the idea of SEDC providing a Tech Endorsement program did not approve the program by SEDC until more funding could be secured., another concern was time it would take from SEDC staff as well. Ray Timothy offered to help and now Laura Hunter with UEN will be offering the program on a state basis this fall 2013 (teachers for the region can enroll in the program to become tech endorsed).

QuickTicket Update and Discussion-Scott and McKay
Scott says it is live, you have to sign in to see Leaderboard. Scott to follow up with each Tech Director to make sure it is being used correctly. Scott scheduled a day with Tracy in Beaver for training/support.

Disaster Recovery Project-Jack, Rick and Cory
Jack is working on a template, Jim explained Bob Pott at SESC is creating a plan. Jack will research and collect samples for a template to present at next SWATT in January. Jim suggested meeting with Bob to fine tune it.

Technology Standards and Rubrics-Rick and Cory
Rick discussed the Technology Rubric and asked for feedback from the group, if they could email him any suggestions rick.gaisford@schools.utah.gov  before the holiday break. Cory asked if there was a need to refine the rubrics, the group had no comment.