SWATT Notes 2/26/13


SWATT 2/26/2013

Cory Stokes, Jack Erickson, Ken Munford, Kevin Chapman, Travis Terry, Clint Stephens, Jeff Smith, Troy Bradshaw, Scott Harpster, Chris Haught, Mark Mumford, Ron Wood, Cody Plumbhof, Doug (Gateway) Jim Black, Chad Schultz, Jeremy Cox, Gerald Talbot, Kerry White, Mark and Brent (from Sevier) and Randy Yardley

10AM-10:15AM Review/Discuss the new SWATT format-
Cory explained that SWATT Meetings will become more of an informational and training format. The Board of SWATT (bSWATT) will provide direction and leadership to the SWATT and will provide focus for the meetings.

10:15AM-12PM Chromebooks/Google Discussion  
See Clints notes here http://goo.gl/thJPp
Action-Cory and Scott to look into syncing SIS with Google (as Wash as done with PowerSchool) with some SQL modifications
Action-Cory to share the info from the Demo WCSD is doing on single portal in the next month.

12:00PM-12:30PM Lunch

12:30PM-2PM Wireless Network Evaluation
Introduction region wired and wireless discussion-Jack

Jack reports that the Board charged SEDC with the task of providing a non-vendor biased report to truly assess the state of the network (wireless and wired) in 2 sites in each district as well participating Charters . SEDC is working on creating a Request for Service (RFS) to select a vendor/consultant to provide this service. Cory states that he would like to see this done by April/May as per the board’s request.
Jack suggests that the region look closely at the best option to serve the region in the long run, which may seem be more expensive and time consuming, but would serve schools better in the long run.
Action-Troy to send Cory contact info from Vista’s Vendor-Done.

District Reports-
Washington-Looking at refreshing all the wireless, they did a bake off with three vendors. Looking at Ruckus. Keith Parsons is working with Kerry to help redesign the networks (WCSD reports 8-9,000 connections a day) and checking all the parameters. They have shut off B networks.
Iron-Ken reports most elementary are Cisco, reports there are some wireless issues due to demand form teachers mobile devices and teachers requesting in class labs. After researching, Ken chose to use Xirrus in the secondary schools. Ken likes this model because of the AP array feature. Ken is running AGN at 20-40 mhz.  Authentication with Radius.
Millard-Kevin reports that they went with Cisco 3 years ago to provide service to teachers. Service is reliable, using AD, some on personal devices.

There was discussion of the danger of having infected BYOD on the secured network, Jack reported that many of the students bring their own bandwith.

Ken brought up that in the future, wireless access may be provided by companies like Verizon and ATT as opposed to schools

Wireless Tools -Jack
Jack is making a recommendation to bSWATT to purchase some wireless testing equipment.
Jack suggested SEDC purchase Air Magnet ($5000).  Jack will e-mail details.

Wireless Shootout -Cory  
Cory reviewed the report that was sent to the group.  The 40mhz bandwidth at 5Ghz spectrum has promise.

Next meeting is April 30th