SWATT Meeting April 28, 2013

SWATT 4/30/2013


Kevin Chapman,Gerald Talbot,Travis Terry, Randy Yardley,Tracy Davis,Ken Munford, ,Don Fawson, Clint Stephens,Jack Erickson,Scott Harpster,Chris Haught,Cory Stokes,Wes Furgason

Matt Zufelt,Ron Wood, Jeremy Cox?,Charlie Roberts,Gavin. Cody, John Lee, Chris Vance, Mitch Erikson

9:30AM to 12PM-iBOSS Filtering Training and Discussion-

Wes Fergason from UEN spent considerable time showing the group the the details of IBoss.

Training Webinars can be accessed here:


Username: learniboss

Password: learniboss

Installing IBoss

Use a straight thru network cable


Default Settings





Set admin password (can be more than 1

Add new users

Adjust User Settings

Filter General Settings (Filter specific categories)

Reporter-use external for more than 1,000 users

Change Time Zone

Session Timeout

Device Name

Filters Features

Can submit sites to be added to categories

Can customize for each category

Priorities up to 65,000

Allows are not explicit unless priority is adjusted

Can block certain aspects of Youtube/Facebook (read only)

Can set blocks by time

Identity theft/IP address, URL Blocking

Can block SIS

Block gaming and chat

Can lock user when too many attempts at high risk sites

Blocks blocked URLS from Google Translate

Clean Youtube (no comments/ads)

Block Youtube app on IPad

go.livecampus to make video channels

Google clean image scrubbing (locks out cats from URL


Can allow specific URLs to be accessed (singly or whitelist)

Custom Policies-multiple policies can be applied to groups

Can block keywords in searches

Reporter Features

Web Dashboard

Real time

Search by category, site, user and more

Leaderboard shows keywords, bandwdith, locations, etc (customizable)

TAP Mode

Does not require bypass code

Lose QOS

Lose some bandwidth reporting

Bypass Card

Turns filter off if box fails (admins need to be aware of this feature)


External reporter need for over 1,000 users on some units

Pro 150 can be used for smaller schools as a satellite

Pro 4550 (Enterprise) for over 100 users

Jack to send out more info.


Supports Active Directory, eDirectory, Open Directory and other LDAP

Can set up override user


Call Wendy at Proactive to get demo

Webinar in IBoss for more info

12PM-12:30PM-Lunch (sponsored by CVE and SEDC, it will be Bar-B-Q), review the StormWind

training opportunity

12:30PM 2:30PM-Cisco MDM/BYOD-John and others from CVE

John Lee, Chris Vance, Mitch Erikson reviewed the Cisco products and discussed BYOD options.

The previous Cisco products (NAC, NEAR) that are end of life can be migrated to the new Identity Services Engine (ISE), which combines all previous services that were “a la cart”. This includes BYOD, Guest Access, Secure Access, Network Policy

Jack will send pricing