bSWATT Meeting

The bSWATT meeting was held on June 7, from 10AM to12PM. Those attending:  Kevin (chair), Ken M., Travis T., Tracy (phone), Gerald (IVC), Jim S. (phone), Cory. 

MDM, BYOD-where are we currently, do we want to see additional presentation (AirWalk, etc.)
 This is still very much a high priority for the bSWATT, we need to continue to seek a solution.  At this point, we need to schedule a iBoss presentation on their MDM piece.  Jim Stewart will work with Wes and Cory get this scheduled as soon as possible.
Gerald will also look into AeroHive and will report back to the bSWATT in a future meeting
iBOSS-Current status and what an SEDC do to help implement
Sounds like all districts most of the charters have either installed will be soon installing an iBoss filter.  SEDC is in the process of purchasing theirs and will get it installed before the end of July.  Scott is the project lead for iBoss, please contact him directly if you need help.
Virus scanning software contract
The group would like SEDC to move forward with evaluation of several solutions to possibly replace Bit Defender.  First and for most on everyone’s list SEDC needs to evaluate MS Security Essentials.  These evals will be completed and report in December.  Scott is the SEDC project lead for this. 
Pathways development in PowerSchool and SIS???
Cory working with Tracy will look at what others (Iron, USOE, Wash, etc.) are doing in this regards and will  report back at next bSWATT meeting
OnTrack PD
SEDC team trainers will move forward providing training for OnTrack for all teachers in the region.  We will work with Charlie on this to see how he wants to handle the training in Washington.
Tech directors PD
 Cory and Kevin will work with UEN (Jim and Ray) to see if they can provide the leadership/support for this training.  We all agree that we need to implement PD for tech directors and that this should be handled by someone at the State level.
Video surveillance purchasing
SEDC has worked out the issues with Anixter to purchase cameras and licenses, we will move forward.  Please, if you have a need for cameras and licenses, purchase them soon.  SEDC (Jack) will continue to look at other vendors to purchase from.
Video surveillance user group
 We will move the user group meeting to the first part of September (the Aug 2nd date will not work well)
Google e-mail archiving
 After much discussion it was decided that SEDC (Cory) will schedule in the near future training on AUP, e-mail archiving, etc. for the SWATT
Chromebook implementation 
SEDC was asked to push forward with paperless schools as we provide training on Chromebooks.  Clint is the project lead on Chromebooks and is willing to help move things forward.
Distance education-Update on Endorsement and CE classes, Canvas, TICE, EHS, Credits, OnTrack, etc.
 Kevin and Cory will work with Kathy on EHS  support in the region
Network evaluation 
On July 10, from 10am to 12pm at SUU (a room number and building will be send at a later date) Keith will be providing the final evaluation report to the Superintendents.  All Tech Directors should attend as well.  The wireless training will be held on June 24 and 25 here at SEDC, a draft report will be provided to you at this time.
USOE tech ed program
 Kevin and Cory will make a trip to USOE and discuss this with folks there, we will report on what we find.
 The SEDC board asked Cory to provide a report on how and who is using this training.  Please get your folks signed up and taking classes.  Cory will send out current schedule of classes.
SEDC needs to schedule a Cisco Configuration class.   This class will be held the last week of July and Jack, Scott and Ken will be teaching it.  More info to follow.
Agenda for upcoming SWATT meetings
 June 24-25 SWATT Meeting at SEDC from 9AM to 4PM, Wireless Training
Aug 1-bSWATT 10AM to 12PM
Aug 27-SWATT
Oct 2-bSWATT 10AM to 12PM
Oct 22-SWATT
Dec 3-bSWATT 10AM to 12PM
Dec 10-SWATT
Jan 23-24-Retreat (maybe)
March 4-bSWATT 10AM to 12PM
March 25-SWATT
May 6-bSWATT 10AM to 12PM
May 13-SWATT
July 1-bSWATT 10AM to 12PM
July 29-SWATT