SWATT Meeting Aug 27, 2013

SWATT 8/27/2013


Jeremy, Jeff, Gerald, Jack, Cody, Scott, Ron, Clint, Jeff, Tom, Cory, Chris, Troy, Tracy, Travis, Tav T, Ken, Kevin, Doug, Jeff, Randy, Bruce

(Ross and Tony from remote) ( Jim,Robert, Rick via IVC)


Demo on IBoss

  • External Reporter

  • Cloud Base-not necessary to be on network

  • IOS restriction -IOS 7 in Beta

  • Ability show map of devices

  • Configure Device remotely-Configurator required

  • Globally proxy for CIPA Compliance

  • Deploy via email/easy setting by IP

  • Push apps/block apps

  • Track volume purchases by device

  • Push Wifi settings

  • Push SSI

  • Geo fence

  • Enterprise Web filtering

  • Sharing content from Teachers to students

  • Contact Wendy for demo-$1.00 per student (Cory to find out minimum)

  • Cory asked about Chrome, IBOSS serves IOS (Windows possibly 2014)


Jeremy noted that some of the issues were glossed over, another was sending a device home and a student can remove IBOSS and bypass settings. Must be run in configurator anyways, using Wifi. Jeremy states IOS7 should have some features to do IBOSS tasks. Jeremy states they will set up Squid Server. He states that they are still piloting, but removing devices.

Troy talked about Profile Manager/Apple Server 10.8, which does many of the tasks, can push out to device without connecting to device.

Ken mentioned that with so many MDM betas, it is hard to find the right solution. The group agreed that right now there is not much management of IPads, Ken,Gerald and Ron stated since they don’t go home, it is not a priority, Chromebooks is more of a concern. Millard is using Meraki (200 IPads). Group agreed to not make a decision as to a solution yet.

Stoneware was discussed, latest price was 2.85 a student.

Action-Jack suggested that we get more info on proxy solutions to use to filter all devices, Cory will follow up.

Action- Look at Policy and Guidelines

Michael Rigby from USOE Purchasing/Senate Bill 190

  • Michael gave a review of the history leading up to the changes

  • Violation of rules can result in felony charges

  • No gifts are allowed to be accepted

  • No splitting orders over 50k?

  • Two Groups

  • Procurement Participant (no influence) less than $50 ok

  • Procurement Professional (buyer)

  • Maintenance Contracts-might have to be rebid after 5 years

  • Discussed that State Contracts are not competitive

  • Contracts must be 5 years (full length)

  • Audits-Schools are being Audited by State Employee this year

  • Discussion on getting rid of P Cards and using PO’s or reimbursements

  • Where should employees who are involved get the training that was required by June 1 (changed to Jan 1). District office should provide.

  • Multiple Bids required over $1000 (must be formal quote)(unless proprietary)

  • If you are a state agency you must purchase off contract

  • Cannot accept lunch from a vendor, but can from govt entity

  • Cannot solicit lower bids from local businesses

  • There is a database, contact Mike for help

  • Multi step bids, evaluations needed first

  • Mike will be happy to review RFP

Michael Rigby




250 E 500 S

PO Box 144200

SLC, Utah




Quick Ticket

ticket.sedck12.org and add /school

Port 8080 open to public, 80 only to UEN Network

Ken expressed concern that teachers can’t respond to ticket updates

Randy suggested a shared document, Scott asked that an email be sent to him and he will add to the development group

Scott reviewed the interface



Cody talked about SUECON and asked for presenters and encouraged the group to spread the word and get people to register. They are doing a Tech Talk Lounge and asked for volunteers
Action-Cody to send out email invite for tech directors to forward

Action- Ken/Randy to work on getting personal message to ICSD


Cory passed out a flyer on grades and announced that SEDC had acquired the EStride Grant to distribute ebooks in the region.


Meeting adjourned


bSWATT Meeting August 1, 2013

Here’s the action items/notes from the bSWATT meeting on Thursday, Aug 1st from 10am to 12pm over the iVC.  Let me know if I missed anything.

Attending:  Charlie-dial in from office, Travis-dial in from Kane DO, Gerald-dial in from office, Tracy-dial in from Beaver DO, Ken, Clint, Jack and Scott-dial in from SEDC, Jim, Kevin, Randy and I-dial in from UEN.  Chaired by Kevin

We covered a ton of information and items (thanks Kevin for help us get through it all)

Action items from last meeting (items that we still need to address)-Cory
Virus Solution:
The group would like SEDC to move forward with evaluation of several solutions to possibly replace Bit Defender.  First and for most on everyone’s list SEDC needs to evaluate MS Security Essentials.  These evals will be completed and report in December.  Scott is the SEDC project lead for this.   If you have another solution you would like us to look at please let Scott or Cory know soon.

Pathways development in PowerSchool and SIS:
Cory working with Tracy will look at what others (Iron, USOE, Wash, etc.) are doing in this regards and will report back at next bSWATT meeting in October
Tech directors PD:
Cory and Kevin met with with UEN (Jim and Ray) to see if they can provide the leadership/support for this training.  We all agree that we need to implement PD for tech directors and that this should be handled by someone at the State level.  UEN is willing to consider this request.  Kevin, Jim and Cory will work with TCC to develop a formal written request.

Video surveillance purchasing:
SEDC has worked out the issues with Anixter to purchase cameras and licenses, we will move forward.  Please, if you have a need for cameras and licenses, purchase them soon.  SEDC (Jack) will provide a list to bSWATT in Oct. of other vendors to purchase hardware/software from.

Video surveillance user group:
We moved the user group meeting to September 12th from 10am to 2pm at SEDC.  Agenda ill be out in a week or so.  Please make sure your faculty knows about the meeting.  Cory will send out a reminder e-mail once the agenda as been finalized.

Google e-mail archiving:
After much discussion it was decided that SEDC (Cory) will schedule in the near future training on AUP, e-mail archiving, etc. for the SWATT.  Cory will schedule this training for the Oct. SWATT meeting, if possible.

USOE tech ed program
 Kevin and Cory met with Syd and Kathy and USOE is committed to building up the Ed Tech support/department at USOE.  More to follow.

Network Evaluation Report (wired)-Jack
The group decided to put a hold on the wired evaluation for a few weeks until school is started and things slow down a bit.  Jack and Jerry should be able to start up the evaluation again in mid-September ti be finished up mid-October.

The group agreed that SEDC would not provide training on SAGE/AIR’s formative system until the bugs are somewhat worked out.  USOE will have access to SAGE on or around Oct 1st but we will hold off for a month or two before Clint starts to implement training to teachers.  Clint scheduled dates with each district to upload data to uTIPS Core.  Charlie requested that the group push USOE to continue to support UTIPS Core past the July 1st 2014 date. 

CyberCorps-Cory and Kevin
Kevin, Randy and Cory met with UTC, USOE and UEN to promte CyberCorps and to help find finding for this program beginning next summer 2014.  The reaction was positive, we will move forward.  Charlie asked if we Could we run it as a CTE course, we will look in to it.

Update on Canvas Classes-Cory and Clint
bSWATT needs to collect feedback on the Canvas courses SEDC provided to teachers in the region this summer.  Next bSWATT meeting we will make a decision as to continue or not to provide these type of online classes.  Clint and Cory thought they had been successful but we need to have some direction.  Please come to bSWATT in Oct planned to provide a direction.

Update on eSTRIDE-Cory
We will know if eSRIDE  grant will be funded by Aug 15.  If so, we will be working with each of you to help implement the eBook project in your district/schools.

Next step with MDM-Cory, Charlie and Jim
Washington is moving forward with a purchase of iBOS MDM solution.  Charlie will report at our next board meeting.  iBOSS demonstration/training at SWATT meeting on Aug 27th. 

Virus Scan Update-Scott
See Action Items from last month

Video User Group and Project-Cory
See Action Items from last month

Network Monitoring Room Tools-Jack
Tabled until next meeting

Overview and Plan for SWATT meeting on the 27th-All
9AM to 11AM-iBOSS Training/Demonstration by Wes
11AM to 1PM- New purchasing laws, rules and protocol
1PM to 2PM-QuickTicket Update/Training 

Open Dialog-All