bSWATT Meeting Oct 9th-Action Items

Thanks for those attending-Kevin, Gerald, Travis, Charlie, Ken, Jim, Randy, Jack for a bit and Cory.

Here are the notes/action items:

Follow-up from last meeting:
Virus Solution: There still seems to be a bit of interest for this so we will keep it on the Action Item List:  Scott will just need to evaluated the MS Security Enterprise solution and report in Dec..

Pathways development in PowerSchool and SIS: The bSWATT thought this is a project for USOE or CTE to work through and SEDC needs to not implement.

Tech directors PD: Sounds like bSWATT would be interested and supportive of a state-wide cohort PLC, Charlie and Cory will work with others in the State on this.

Video surveillance purchasing: The board asked SEDC to work in a quarterly purchase cycle for the video equipment and licenses.  We will work on a RFP that could possibly work for a 2 year period of time.  Cory and Jack will work on this.

Video surveillance user group: We moved the user group meeting to September 12th from 10am to 2pm at SEDC.  Agenda ill be out in a week or so.  Please make sure your faculty knows about the meeting.  Cory will send out a reminder e-mail once the agenda as been finalized.  The meeting was good and we will plan for next fall for the next.

Network Evaluation Report (wired)-Jack: The group decided to put a hold on the wired evaluation for a few weeks until school is started and things slow down a bit.  Jack and Jerry should be able to start up the evaluation again in mid-September ti be finished up mid-October.  As per Jack, this is still in line to be done by Nov 1 or so.

AIR/SAGE-Clint: Clint and Cory will attend the training on Oct 22 in Richfield, after the training we will contact each district to make a tentative game plan.

CyberCorps-Cory and Kevin: The data is just about compiled and will be presented to several organizations for possible funding in the future.  Here’s the number of CyberCorps interns and employees hired in each district:


Update on Canvas Classes-Cory and Clint: Clint wil be offering a UEN Canvas class for credit come the first of the year, we will be sending details soon.

Update on eSTRIDE-Cory: Grant was funded, Nov 1st is the roll out date for the 7 Pilot Schools, the rest of the schools will be added Jan 1, if all goes well

Next step with MDM-Cory, Charlie and Jim: SEDC will work with UEN to meet in a usergroup setting with other in the State and in the Region.  Cory will head this up

New Items:

Retreat Plan-wiring certification: Jack will be the lead on the retreat, it will be held Jan 22 and 23 in St. George and will be focused on the Hubble cert class.

T-Mobile Presentation/Discussion: Interesting discussion, Cory will have these vendors present to us in the spring or sometime in the future.  This may be a possibility for some schools to embrace the one to one solutions they are offering

Programming Sustainability (when does it make sense to providing programming and not?): The board agreed that all programming should be done methodically and at a slow pace as it’s hard to sustain

Monitoring Tools Training: McKay will offer this training here in the next couple of weeks, the date and details of the tools and the training will follow soon

What is SEDC’s Roles and Focus (how can we best help the districts/schools move education forward)?: Each board member agreed and supported the focus and direction of the SEDC staff to provide help to the district as they implement and support their own solutions in the districts (it’s the districts responsibility as SEDC helps).  It’s SEDC’s responsibility to implement and support solutions that are in the regional office /regional projects and the district staff will support us as we do this.

Technology needs assessment to determine high priority projects that are important for the entire region: At this point the board thought we didn’t need to implement this but we could look at this at a future date

MS Certification for Teachers: No need to follow-up on this

Secretary Training-Feb at Iron DO: Training will be held Jan. 30 in the Iron DO, the agenda will be send out in the next couple week.  Kevin will get back to Cory if Millard would like SEDC to implement the conference for them in Delta.

Cisco Maintenance: Jack will get the network specialists together in the region with UEN and Cisco to discuss this issue.

Regional Instructional Technology Teacher PLC: Cory will present this to the SEDC board in Nov., if approved Clint with lead this PLC and Chris and Cory will help provide support and training.  The board seemed very supportive of this initiative.

Adult Education/Prisoners Canvas Project Request: The board thought this was not under the SEDC charter and that we should not move forward with this project.

SWATT Meeting for Oct 22 (this date has to move and Cory will get the new date soon): Monitoring tool training will be provided

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