bSWATT Meeting Action Items March 4, 2014

HB 131 Update and Discussion-Cory/Randy/Charlie
This bill would have provided $200 million dollars for technology but it looks like it dead.

Final wired evaluation report update-Jack/Cory
Jack is working with Jerry C. to provide a detailed wired evaluation for the 12 sites participating the network evaluation.  This should happen in the next month.  Jack will send out the details in the next week of what will be evaluated (the evaluation criteria/methodology)

Review LEAF (bSWATT and board approved SEDC to discontinue the support of LEAF come July 1st, 2013, but we have a request to keep it)-Cory/Kevin/Jack
The committee agreed to keep the LEAF server up and running for at least July 1, 2015.  We will re-address this next spring (2015).  Jack will get with Brent J. to discuss the possibility of Kane and Garfield district using of the system.  SEDC will continue to find application for using LEAF.  The LEAF server will not be updated and we will continue to keep it running.

How to handle the cost for those not showing up to the  Regional Retreat in Mesquite($90.00)-Jack/Cory
The committee agreed that the folks that registered but did not show up for the retreat should be billed.  SEDC will take care of this.
MS Security Essentials/Virus Scanning solutions next steps-Scott
The committee agreed that SEDC should get pricing once again for a 3 year 10,000 user contract for Bit Defender.  Once we get the pricing,  bSWATT will make a final decision and we will go from there.

Directory/AD Discussion-Scott/Cory
Scott will develop a list of services that AD can provide access to and support.  He is currently working with UEN to tie AD to MyUEN.  We will report these services and provide an update before our next bSWATT meeting.  Scott will develop a full project plan(stakeholder input, timelines, scope, communication, etc.) for implementation and rollout for this summer.

Video surveillance purchasing contract -Jack/Cory
Jack is currently working on an official RFP for purchasing cameras and licenses.  He will try to get pricing through this RFP for the next 2-3 years.  This should be completed in the next week and send to vendors for final pricing by the first of April.  Once the purchasing contracts are in place, SEDC will purchase Exqact licenses for the districts once every 3 months (first day of each quarter), this will start July 1, 2014.

 Canvas next steps-Cory 

Jack will develop an official project charter and proof of concept document describing the pros and cons of hosting a regional Canvas server for our schools.  Charlie will work with his team to gather information as well.  This will be presented to the bSWATT in the next couple of weeks for a final vote for SEDC moving forward with this project.

Review the state-wide technology retreat April 2-3-Cory
Please get signed up soon.
Administrator Conference June 4-Cory/Randy
June 4, 9am to 3pm at the Education building on the SUU campus
9am- Introductions and prize drawing
9am to 9:30am-State of Education in Utah, a review by USOE
9:30am to 10am-KeyNote, Jared C., Using Google and ChromeBook in the Classroom 
10am to 10:20am-A review Washington’s ChromeBook Implementation by Charlie 
10:20am to 11:40am-Needs for Updating School’s Network by Kevin 
11:40am to 12PM-Googel Resources by Clint 
12PM-1PM- Lunch 
1PM-2PM-Breakout Sessions
2PM-3:00PM-Breakout Sessions
Folks from bSWATT (Charlie, Travis, Gerald and Lane) will provide a breakout session on “Chromebook Hardware and Management”, please get together on this.
Update and Discussion on Regional Instructional Technology Teacher PLC-Clint/Cory  
Clint will be working with each district and the charters to select 2 teachers to participate in this important professional development opportunity. 
Thanks and let me know if I missed anything