bSWATT Meeting, May 6, 2014-Notes/Action Items

bSWATT Meeting, May 6, 2014-Agenda


SEDC-Cory, Randy, Chris, Troy L, Scott, Jack, Kevin

IVC- Troy B, Charlie, Gerald, Travis, Jim

Kevin welcomed Troy Lunt (New Tech Director at ICSD) and Troy shared his background. Cory introduced the rest of the group.


Final wired evaluation report update

Jack will be covering Garfield and Beaver this week and will soon be ready to present findings to Tech Directors and Supts., rather than in August Board meeting. Jack and Jerry Carpenter will offer training where needed.


Technology Initiative update (legislative work with TCC)

Cory and possibly Kevin are meeting with Rick Gaisford, Kathy Webb and a few others this week to develop a framework for the bill.

Action-Cory to check with folks around the state (legislators, UEN, USOE, etc.) to find out if there are bills filed already


Bit Defender virus scanning solutions next steps

Scott reported that invoices have been sent out, as soon as invoices are paid, software will be ordered. End of life for current licensing is July 2015 (or so).

Directory/AD discussion

Doc has been shared-Scott shared information/benefits/stakeholders. If there are other resources to be added or suggestions, please contact Scott.

Action-Scott to set up in Garfield second week of July

Action-Scott to follow up with Tracy, Kevin and Travis

Video surveillance purchasing contract update

Jack reported that he has submitted an Information for Bid (IFB) with various vendors with responses due May 15. SEDC will be buying licenses and equipment quarterly starting July 1 for a two year contract period.

Action-Jack to follow up to get equipment ordered for the June installs in Kane and July in Garfield

Action-Troy B to check with Charters to see if there is any interest


Canvas next steps

SEDC will do follow up trainings for teachers to build content, paying $100 to the teacher with districts provided place and meals. Trainings are scheduled for Kane, Millard and Beaver, with Garfield and Iron to be scheduled. UEN is working on funding to lower per student cost, could be two years out. UEN has committed to install a pilot server for Canvas.  This will allow SEDC and other to determine features of the open source system.

Jim commented that some of the Canvas features may not be available on a self hosted instance.

Charlie asked about the issue of switching Canvas from self hosted to UEN hosted/Instructure instance, would users/content be easily moved? Cory responded that it was fairly simple.

Action-Jim to update Cory next week on timeline for server.

Action-Cory to get numbers of users from districts to determine invoice amounts this coming school year.

Action-Gerald to send out email to his teachers to determine needs in Garfield

Administrator conference June 4

Each director is assigned to present, Cory reviewed assignments. Cory estimates we will have 100 attendees and this is a great time to interact/inform administrators of what is going on.

Update and discussion on Regional Instructional Technology Teacher PLC

Cory sent Charter doc out and gave an overview of PLC


Netsafe update

Chris and Cory explained the new Netsafe guidelines (document sent). UEN will reimburse trainers, Cory reminded the directors about paying employees while they are “on the clock”.

Action-Chris will set up a date for Netsafe training and each District will send 1-3 people, except WCSD.

Action-Troy to check with Charters


CyberCorps update-Cory

Cory discussed the plan for a boot up camp for summer of 2015, the Board has approved the funding.

SEDC has $10,000 put towards if districts are willing to be involved?

Action-Cory to put plan together and present to both boards.


Upcoming educational grants

SEDC is writing 2 LSTA Grants, one to enhance eStride to include 6-8 grades, one for a new KOHA server to support the new schools being added in Millard and Iron Districts.   Kevin Chapman and Lyndell Watson from Millard will be involved in these grants.

Technology evaluation-

Jim, Kelly G, Troy J and Cory were involved in a tech evaluation (emailed to group), Cory encouraged bSWATT to read the report. Jim commented that other districts were interested in being evaluated. Jim is still working on creating Rubrics to be able to implement a more meaningful evaluation, and providing positive feedback/suggestions. UEN is in the process of doing an evaluation for a Charter School. Charlie asked how his district could get an evaluation. Jim responded that the first step is to spend a few hours with the tech director and other district administrators to determine the unique (to that district) areas to be evaluated. UEN will then schedule a day to spend in the district do interviews, ask questions and research practices, meeting with leaders, teachers, in classes. This is followed up with a full report.

bSWATT meeting schedule

Cory asked if bSWATT needed to meet monthly?

Group agreed to meet monthly and have shorter meetings.

Educational Video (UIMC) update

There are some concerns over the availability of media, currently teachers must login to access and students cannot access from home. SEDC is going to pilot a generic student login for use. SEDC will still have duplications available.

Action-Chris/Cory to do needs assessment for training options (get current GA)

Educational technology leadership endorsement/certification

Charlie is the lead on this

Action- Cory to send outCOSN  information

Action- Cory to work with USOE on funding


Security committee update-

Action-Cory to send out info, committee is looking at putting together a SANS 20 type of template that is focused on the educational terminology.

SWATT agenda/date, PHP

SWATT was scheduled for May 13, Cory suggested to move that to a PHP training on May 22-23.  The group agreed.


Google Vault

Is there an interest? Cost is $10 per FTE and students are “free”. Charlie stated that in his opinion, we are currently in line with current regulations, districts have the ability to shut down accounts when needed.

Troy asked if anyone had received a GRAMA request, answer was no. Cory suggested that we get legal advice regarding this. Kevin suggested we get Carol Lear.

Action-Cory to schedule Carol to present to the group.



Troy B asked for some help with solving some issues.

Action-Scott to schedule a training

Link to the project charter for the Ed Tech PLC:


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