bSWATT Meeting, July 1, 2014-Agenda

Present- Edna, Kevin, Troy B, Troy L, Tracy, Terry, Jim, Charlie (IVC), Jack, Chris, Cory
Welcomed the new SEDC Director, Edna LaMarca
Action-Cory to get Edna’s contact info to team

Review Action Items from last meeting (see below for these items)-Cory

Wired Evaluation-Jack reported all the evaluations are done, reports should be completed within the week. Jack and Jerry will visit each district to review results with the directors, who then will meet with Superintendents July/August. Jack also mentioned that power and cooling were a concern.
Technology Initiative– Cory reported it is moving forward, budget may be based on a formula rather than a straight per student basis. Framework is close to be done. Team discussed how many districts were one to one, Kane, Beaver and Vista are or are close. 

 Action-Cory will send out final draft when released.
Active Directory-Scott has scheduled and the directors reported everything was progressing well.
Video Surveillance-Cory explained the purchasing system, SEDC will be going out to bid every quarter, which may cause some issues, Jack explained some of the issues with keeping licenses renewed. Travis asked about paying for maintenance, is it required? Troy reported that the other Charters are handling their own needs. 
Action-Cory to follow up to see if maintenance contract/license is required for support
Action-Cory to follow up on use of NIC Cards and Licensing
Action-Cory to check to see if a second tier support system can be implemented

Cory stated that trainings have been done for Beaver and Kane (follow up training still to be done). Millard to be done July 28. 
Action-Jack to get SEDC instance hardened
Action-Cory to continue to work with Jim to determine if the open source solution works  
Action-Cory to turn in FTE numbers collected to Instructure
Action-Troy to check with Charters
Action-Chris to schedule with Travis
Action-Cory to check to see if rates can be reduced for second year.

Netsafe-We will work with districts to accommodate their training plans
Action-Chris to follow up with districts and charters (Troy will do his own)
Action-Chris to check with Ryan Anderson at Tuacahn

Grants-Cory reported that the eSTRIDE and KOHA grants have been submitted.
Technology Evaluations -Jim shared the progress of the evaluation at GWA and the upcoming one scheduled in September.  Jim shared how they involve the leaders and find that there is not a lot of communication and sharing of ideas. There will be a Track at  Saint to explain the process to administration.
Action-Directors interested in an evaluation should contact Jim.
Security Committee-Cory updated the group on the status of SEASAT.
UIMC Update-Cory asked the group how their teachers are using media resources. Kevin stated that as teaching styles change, there may not be as much as a need. The group agreed that we would continue to discuss. Edna encouraged directors to talk to superintendents.
Action-Chris to request analytics data for WCSD and send to Charlie
Educational Tech Endorsement-Charlie updated the group on the COSN, stated that in two to three years we could do our own. The COSN software has been purchased (funded by USOE) and the first group will start in September.  Whose how  pass would be eligible for State Endorsement.
Action-Cory to schedule TCC meeting to plan during Rural Schools
IBOSS- The group discussed the changes and the need for more training.
Action-Cory/Scott to schedule training for July 29 SWATT
Action-Jim to contact Wes and get breakdown of models and processes

Regional Hardware Co-op-
Should we try and leverage the region purchases by creating a larger pool? Jim suggested that  SEDC negotiate a bulk price with vendors and let districts order through that.
Action-Cory and Jack to work with Charlie and Jim

Action-Charlie to cc Cory on contracts to include SEDC on RFPS

Cory discussed the access of books (Gutenburg) thru eSTRIDE, some of which may not be appropriate
Action-Chris to check with Overdrive to block Gutenburg
Action-SEDC to work with Tech Directors and librarians on training

Firewall Project-Jack
Jack shared the Project Charter and updated the group and suggested working together to do a consortium purchase.

Action-Jack to follow up with Cory and Jim to find a solution/pricing

CyberCorps STEM grant-
Cory stated Grant was submitted, each district will put in $1,000 per school, it will be in school, every teacher will take “Intro IT” endorsement class.

Inventory Discussion-Cory/Troy L.
The group discussed the different programs each used in their districts. Troy shared his use of the inventory component in ALIO. 
Action-Cory will work with Garfield and Iron on Alio

Regional Retreat-this year focused on “Strategic Planning and Goals” for the next couple of years-
Cory asked about the possibility of a Kanab location
Action-Cory will send out some dates for consideration

UEN/RUS grant-Cory/Jim
Cory still needs signatures from all districts.
Action-Cory to send email to Kevin to collect letter if need be.
Action-Charlie to contact Enterprise

bSWATT Schedule for the Coming Year-group
Cory suggested meeting every month, rotating in person/IVC
Action-Cory to send out email