bSWATT Meeting October 13, 2014

In Person at SEDC-Jack, Cory, Troy and Chris
IVC-Jim, Gerald, Charlie, Tracy, Travis, Troy B., Kevin
CoSN leadership program-
Charlie reported that less than half the class wanted credit. He will be using Canvas to deliver the parts required for SUU Credit (3 Credit hours). Charlie would like to do the sychronous/kickoff meeting at 1:00 on October 24. Charlie stated that everyone should have their CoSN credentials and will soon be getting their Canvas invite. The group discussed the timeline, whether it should be finished in 3 months, 6 months or one year? The group agreed to play it by ear and shift to fit the needs of the group.
School notification system update-
Troy L shared that he has and RFP for a system out that is due tomorrow and has only received one response. Charlie chose School Messenger, cost was biggest factor. Alert was the second choice and the features on SM were better. Troy B stated they looked at Parent Link, and it had a lot of addons.
Strategic planning retreat details
Jim Stewart is facilitating, will work with board to develop plan and present to SEDC Board in February.
Date was set  for February 3 and 4th in Zion.
Action-Cory to send details out by October 31
Video camera purchasing for the quarter-Jack/Cory, 15 min
Jack updated group on purchases, Jack and Cory need to know needs by Oct 24, next quarterly purchase is Jan 1
Canvas/Google classroom next steps
Garfield- has Google Classroom available and has discussed training with Clint, Supt is discussing Canvas with Principals.
Beaver-reports they are using both.
Kane-Canvas is working well in the middle/high and several teachers are using GC and more trainings are being scheduled
Iron-reports that Canvas has not been used, but GC is being widely used and they are developing their own training.
Millard-is using Canvas
WCSD is using Schoology, which is 4.00 per student and passes grades to Powerschool
Troy commented that there is not much interest in Canvas, the Charters are using GC successfully.
The grade passback continues to be a problem, teachers really want this feature. Cory will continue to work with Canvas to get it working.
The group discussed the direction of the LMS’ in general and where they might lead in the future.
Charlie stated that they are using Schoology for PD at no additional cost.
The general consensus is that GC is a nice simple answer for elementary teachers, but Canvas is a better option for more complicated (high school) classes. SEDC will continue to support both.
Remote desktop software regional project discussion
Cory asked the group how they are providing Remote Desktop support
Travis-using the Chrome Extension
Troy L-Teamviewer/Ultravnc/Apple Remote
Troy B-Apple Remote Desktop/VPN/Teamviewer/Logmein on server
Charlie-Lanschool/Remote Desktop on Chrome/Microsoft Solution
Is there a need for a regional solution? The group felt that the free Chrome Extension was adequate
Regional firewall project-
Jack suggested that the region move forward due to recent security issues, the current practices are not sufficient with the new risks.
The region should take advantage of possible price savings by buying as a region. Jack explained there will be ongoing work to maintain these systems. Jim stated that UEN is not able to provide a lot of support, due to lack of resources, but may be able to help with buying power.
Troy B asked if there was a State contract that has already negotiated a price, Jim responded that by using specific specs and putting it out to bid via RFP, that better pricing can be obtained.
Some districts are ready now, some need to wait till summer.
Action-Jack to create RFP’s and get pricing and districts can implement on their own timeline.
Regional secure server project-
Cory discussed the possible need for a secure server to securely house files. Cory asked the group if they had something in place they would be willing to share or was there a need?
Charlie uses the State “Move it”, and feels the Google is sufficient
Action-Cory/team to look at options and report back at December bSWATT
SWATT Training/Meeting-
Cory explained that the SWATT trainings have been working well as a training/collaboration, what can we do build on this. The group felt the current direction was fine.
What training should we offer SWATT? (Open Stacks, 2012 Server, Manage Google Domains, Sync Directories, Cisco Strand, SQL, Acive Directory, Google API)
Action-Cory to send out email to collect more training suggestions, and well develop a Cisco training program.
AUP/Electronic Documents-
Troy reported they are still working on creating a page that parents could electronic signatures for AUP, waiting for information form the state on the legalities. Carol Lear will presenting to the bSWATT board on November 11. We will go from there.
CyberCorps due November 1
Livescan-Kane and Iron need to upgrade, everyone else has new equipment.
Action-Cory will schedule LiveScan user group to work through details on the new system being implementedat BCI. Cory will help Iron, Kane and Milard district write and submit a grant for new equipment
E-rate Meeting from 1pm to 2pm-Question and Answers with Sabrina  (for this part of the meeting please have your e-rate folks attend)
Thanks for those attending….