Notes from bSWATT Meeting November 11, 2014

bSWATT Meeting November 11, 2014

SEDC-Edna, Chris, Cory, Scott and Jack
Iron-Troy, Jeff, Nathan, Cori and Randy
USOE-Carol Lear
UEN-Jim Stewart

Discussion on Legal Issues/concerns-Carol Lear 
Carol introduced herself and gave an overview of her background and presented a ppt (Cory will send out the PowerPoint soon).

• Student’s Social Security numbers not in all district’s SIS systems, if we have students SS#, we must protect them
• Employee’s Social Security numbers are in Cactus and other accounting systems and we must product them
• District’s should review what information is being stored/what is necessary
• COPPA requires parent consent for third party accounts (gmail, online games)
• FERPA protects students info, allows for parent’s to access
• There are at least 5 bills pending regarding student data this year already
• What is the liability of districts holding this information? (Cory to follow up)
• Training of employees to protect data is crucial
• Measures and access to keep “bad guys” from accessing
• Review FERPA guidelines
• What are Education Records?
• Definition of Eligible Students (a student that is a dependent)
• Should this be in AUP? (Cory to follow up)
• Records belong to schools
• GRAMA-Utah program that supersedes FOI Act (Federal)
• More specific timeframes than FERPA
• Parents can appeal to have data removed
• Email retention schedule should be set at LEA level
• FERPA and GRAMA could apply if part of the records
• Should be in AUP
• GRAMA/FERPA Scenario had good examples to quiz staff
• What about other data (Canvas, Video and others)
• How long should it be kept?
• Provide a copy or let them view?
• Require a subpoena?
• Video in common areas considered public record and can be shared
• Video in classroom areas considered “not public”
• Cost to collect/review data can be passed to requestor (should be in policy)
• Utah Statutes and Board Rule
• Trying to define rules in State, Districts, Schools
• Acceptable Use Policies
• Reviewed items that should be covered, students, parents and staff should sign each year.
• Examples were given
• Electronic signatures-State Statute 46-4-203 reviewed, it fine to implement a AUP electronic signature

Cory will get a copy of the Power Point (UEN for some reason doesn’t have the video recording) to share

SEDC received grants from districts and all requesting districts were funded. The question was asked if students could be paid for working during school time, please check with your district?
Action-Cory to send grants to tech directors

Should districts put in for funding for category 2 eRate? There’s a very good chance that funding will be avail at the 75% level.

SEDC could possibly file for category 2 funds for the districts.  Also, each could file for funding the SEDC office, this would go against the districts $150 per student allowance.  SEDC will not file unless it’s approved by each district/school.  Action-Cory to check into breakdown (file as a district vs school vs region)
Firewalls can be purchased and managed through e-rate by the district or by a vendor.

Cory asked the group what the role of SEDC should be, Cory talked to a few reading specialists, they would possibly like some tech support, but SEDC does not currently have admin access and tech support would need to come from USOE. The group agreed they would talk to their Reading Specialists to see if there is a need for  SEDC provide training and support report back to Cory.  Most of the tech director thought this should be a role for the district’s reading/literacy folks. SEDC will follow-up on  this and will report back to the group.

Data Storage for Backup Files, Service-
The group discussed the needs/liabilities of implementing this.
Action-The group decided with the unlimited storage available on Google, it was not needed and would be tabled unless requested in the future.

Secure File Transfer Server
Scott demo’d  File Locker.
Action-Scott will find out requirements and costs and report back to group.


Beginning Canvas Training for Teachers

Let’s Get Going with Canvas….

Logging in

Access your course by clicking on the “Course” link at the top of the page and selecting your course.  For additional courses please contact Cory at SEDC.

Getting Help

  • Canvas has a great help section here.
  • Send an email to SEDC support at
  • email

Adding Students

  • If you need help adding students, please contact Cory.
  • Select your course, select “People” link on the right hand side and then select “People+”  on the left then simple add their e-mail address (it must be the district student address).

Exporting/Importing Content

Adding content