bSWATT December 9, 2014

bSWATT December 9 2014



Jack, Edna, Jim, Troy B, Shane, Gerald, Travis, Charlie, Troy L, Cory and Kevin

SEASAT update and discussion

Cory updated the group on the progress on the creation of the questions for the Security Self Evaluation, they should be finalized by January 14th. There will be question sets for Teachers, Admins, District Tech and Site Tech and are based specifically on SANS 20.

Cory asked the group for feedback on the necessity of this type of survey. The group discussed the difficulty of getting responses from the groups. Jim suggested focusing on the top 5. The group discussed the need for a security sssessment, whether done internally or externally and how often. Charlie expressed that he is very satisfied with the recent UEN Evaluation and would be interested in a yearly evaluation, alternating Security and Technology. The others agreed that there is value in having a self assessment to raise the awareness of staff. Shane shared how he incorporated personal internet safety in his staff training sessions.

Action-Shane will share those documents.

Firewall update

Jack stated that he is getting RFP’s for all the districts for a variety of configurations and will update the group and plan to deploy in the spring so districts can budget for July installation.

Action-Jack will have best and final prices by March 1

Jim stated that 3-5 years there should be 10 G lines available from UEN/CenturyLink.

Technology evaluation

Cory discussed the progress of the evaluations and shared the schedule of upcoming evaluations (George Washington Charter-May 2014, Washington District-Nov/Dec 2014, Garfield District-Dec 2014, Beaver District-Jan 2015, Kane District-March 2015, SEDC-May 2015 and Millard-Winter 2015). Jim explained how the process works. Charlie shared his view of the experience, which was very favorable. Charlie stated that there were several very good suggestions that he would be implementing. He stated that the report was very useful and he will follow up with Jim. Gerald shared that his participation in the WCSD evaluation helped him to understand that his district has similar issues, only on a smaller scale.

Compose Training

Cory spoke to the reading specialists this week and all agree that a “Train the Trainer” for reading specialists  in January/February would be the first step in providing training.  Kim Rathke has agreed to be the instructor and SEDC will arrange the training.  The bSWATT agreed, so the SEDC Tech Team will schedule and implement the training.  The details of this regional training will follow in the next couple of days


Cory asked how the changes (loss of phone service) will affect the group. Most stated that they will just have to budget for it. Jim stated that UEN has been discussing ways that they can help the schools/districts.

Action-Cory will work with UEN to see if it’s possible to gather data/rfp’s for other options.

Cory asked about SEDC purchasing a firewall thru erate, using part of the student allocation. The group agreed that it was ok.

Cory offered to help anyone file erate that needed it.

SUMS (media) conference

The conference will be February 25 at ICSD and February 17 at Millard DO. Chris stated that the focus will be on Technology Integration items. Chris will be sending out more info later.

Disaster recovery

Jack updated the progress, the next meeting is February 9 to review the districts progress with completing the template that was provided in our Nov. meeting.

Action-Jack to add template to smart sheet (done) and forward to Shane for his review.

Details on the strategic planning retreat

Retreat is February 3-4, Cory is looking for a venue, suggested Ruby’s Inn. Jim will be facilitating the planning session and encouraged the group to contact him with agenda items or suggestions. Cory will send the details in the next day or two. We will focus specifically on developing a 3-5 year technology plan/goals for the bSWATT to work on over the next several years.

Legislative technology funding update

Edna stated that there is still a search for a legislator to sponsor bill.  There’s a lot of discussion around the state on technology funding this legislative session. More to following.

IEP Pro server next steps

Cory stated that the Special Ed directors will be meeting soon to discuss which direction to go in. WCSD and Iron are looking to build a new program into Powerschool. The group agreed to wait for a decision from the SpEd directors.

Action-Cory will continue to update the committee on this project.

Alio portal update

SEDC will be working with Kane and Garfield district to update the employee portal to the latest code.

Action-Cory will involve the other Alio districts in this process.  Troy stated that Iron is moving forward with their inventory Alio implementation.  Garfield would be interested in this system once it’s ready.

CETL review, 10 minutes, Cory

The technology directors agreed that the certification PD is going well and we will continue to move forward with the process. review, 5 minutes, Cory

Charlie suggested that we work with USOE to see if we can include some “coding” into the science core.

Action-Cory will work with Charlie to follow-up in this.

Thanks and our next meeting will be Feb 3 and 4.