Notes From bSWATT Meeting March 24, 2015

I thought the meeting yesterday, March 24, was productive and meaningful (good discussion), thanks for those attending, it’s great to work with each of you:
IVC-Travis, Gerald, Troy B. Charlie, Rick
In Person-Troy L., Edna, Jack and Cory
bSWATT Meeting March 24, 2015
Discussion on the 2015 Legislature Technology Bills:
SB222 S1 5 Million
Rick will discuss this at TCC meeting to assign TCC members to participate in the advisory board, Rick will see that the State Tech standards are used.  Rick with work with he bSWATT and others in the State to see that the bill for next year will be a leadership bill.
Security Breach HB 163
Requires the State Board, a local board or charter school governing board, a school district, a public school, or the USDB to notify the parent or guardian of a student if there is a release of the student’s personally identifiable student data due to a security breach
Troy L. will research to find out if this is already a FERPA requirement.
Public Ed Human Resource HB 118
Modifies definition of “unsatisfactory performance” for career employees to include insufficient or undeveloped skills, lack of knowledge or aptitude and exclude “poor attitude, and insufficient effort”. Modifies remediation types to include training, study, mentoring, or practice and exclude “or greater effort”. If a career employee exhibits both unsatisfactory performance in skills, knowledge or aptitude, and conduct, an employer may dismiss the career employee for cause and is not required to develop and implement a plan of assistance for the career employee.
No request for funding”
Most district technology folks are at will employees.
HB 128 Records of Students
“notify a parent if the parent’s student threatens to commit suicide; or
28          (b) notify the parents of each student involved in an incident of bullying,
29     cyber-bullying, harassment, hazing, or retaliation, of the incident involving each parent’s
The bSWATT  should follow-up with their district admin to see if this information should be stored in SIS/PowerSchool
Student Privacy Act HB 68
Provides for the protection of student data while allowing for State Board rule to handle the operational aspects of records and data. Considers Special Education, types of records, storage, expungement, retention, third party services related to data and records, and other protective and security measures. Requires a student privacy coordinator at the USOE and a data manager in each school in the state, among other provisions.
As per Rick, this is not a requirement yet, it’s going to be studied this year in interim.  It may be made into a board rule.  Rick will keep us in the loop
Off Site Filtering HB 213
Requires a school district or charter school that purchases educational technology to ensure that adequate on and off campus Internet filtering is in place. Requires a school community council or a charter school governing board to include safe technology utilization and digital citizenship in its school improvement plan and create a subcommittee to provide education that helps students and parents make smart media choices. The councils/boards may partner with one or more non-profit organizations to fulfill the safe utilization duties. Does not stipulate the amount or use of Trust Lands funds for this purpose, though councils/boards may choose to use some funds for this purpose.
No request for funding”
This is already being done with student borrowed devices.  The issue will be with teachers/educators devices, we really don’t have a solution for this yet.  iBoss will not handle this well.We will ask Scott to start looking into this to determine a few ideas for a solution.  Scott will report in June bSWATT meeting.
Online Education HB 282
Sharing of college and high school credit has always been done by mutual agreement and with appropriate teacher credential. This bill allows high school credit to be granted by higher education without such agreement and without assurance of appropriate credentials.
bSWATT is not sure how this will work if colleges provide a credit for a class, how will this be moved in PowerSchool/SIS?  SEDC will continue to update everyone on this.
Data Security Council SB255
“Creates a Data Security Management Council to develop recommendations for data security and risk assessment. The council will be composed of the CIO or designee from the Governor’s office, House, Senate, Judiciary, State Board of Regents, State Office of Education, UCAT, State Tax Commission, and
Office of Attorney General with the Department of Technology Services providing staff. Commission shall report to the Public Utilities and Technology Interim Committee.
No request for funding
Rick will work to make sure k12 is represented on this committee.  Rick will report back to the bSWATT in April’s meeting.  Also, SB60 may require an online test as well (the Civic test).
SAGE Tech Specs
Seems the newest Chrome OS is supported on the ChromeBooks for Sage testing.  Text to speech is still a concern.  Most districts will not test SpEd students on ChromeBooks until the text to speech is working better.
Strategic Planning-We need to get it ready for Board Meeting April 22
he plan is taking shape.  Kevin, Troy L. and Tracy will work with Cory on April 8, to finalize the plan.  The plan will then be presented to the SEDC Board on April 22.  After it’s been approved we will start to implement.
Iron has purchased a product called Form Builder (Washington is in the process of doing the same).  The product is allowing them to create a IEP system into PowerSchool.  All forms will be completed by April 15, Washington will work with Iron to develop the reports for this solution. Iron will start to provide training on this system in May and will be ready to fully roll out next August for the start of school.  Sounds like the other districts in the region are waiting to hear from their Special Ed Directors on the product they will be using.  It sounds like many of them are looking at the Power IEP system.  Cory will continue to work with Chris K. and others in the region until every district/school as a solution in place.
Iron District is hosting a Scale vendor system solution training for virtualization in April.  Troy will send out an e-mail.
bSWATT has decided not to renew the StormWind training contract.  We just didn’t use it enough to justify the cost. Cory will let the vendor know.
CyberSecurity Interns
After much discussion, it was decided that the districts would not support having Interns in their district to provide security help and support.  Cory will let Mark know.
SIS/Aspire Update
After much discussion the bSWATT thought it was important for Cory to talk with the USOE board members from he SEDC region about the importance of SIS/Aspire for the districts and charters the region.  Cory will report at next bSWATT meeting on April 14.
CIPA Discussion (open wireless access)
Washington is currently working to find a solution that will require all users of the wireless network to authenticate using such technology as FaceBook, Google mail, etc..  Once they have it worked out they will help/share with the other districts in the region.  Jack will work with Charlie and Jeremy to help with project.
e-RATE and Firewall updated 
Jack and the rest of the technical folks are in the final phase of selecting a firewall solution.   We are asking the committee members to complete the following surveys.  Once all surveys are in, we will be filling e-rate 471s.   Fortinet  Palo  Cisco
For all details on the firewall selection please see:
SEDC Tech Department Evaluation
The tentative schedule for the evaluation is:
Millard on May  4 in the morning
Beaver on May 4 in the afternoon
Iron on May 5 in the morning (this includes Gateway Charter School in Enoch)
Garfield on May 5 in the afternoon
Washington District on May 6 in the morning (this includes Vista Charter School in Ivins)
Kane District on May 6 in the afternoon
Each district needs their Supt., Tech Director, a couple of principals and technology type teachers (those that would know SEDC) to be a part of the interview process.
Cory will work with Jim on the details (specific times for interviews, how many separate interviews in each district/charter school, lenght of time needed, etc.)
The security self assessment tool is almost complete, we will be starting the pilot before the end of April.  More to come…
Sounds like we have most of us going up to TCC, here’s the schedule for the TCC meeting next Wednesday:
I’ll leave the SEDC office at 7am with the White SEDC car
Pickup Gerald at U20 at 7:30am
Pickup Tracy at the District Office in Beaver at 7:45am
Pickup Kevin at the UPS Station in Holden at 8:45am
Arrive at USOE at 11am (or a few minutes before this time), TCC at USOE will be a blast from the past (we have not held the meeting here since the early 90s, right? )
Leave USOE around 7pm (after the meeting and dinner), head for Southern Utah
Charlie and Troy, and anyone else staying for UCET please remember to reserve your hotel room from the list of hotels below and SESC will pickup the cost.
CyberCorps Workforce service grant
bSWATT will be writing another CyberCorps grant.  Cory will send out the last Workforce grant we did.  We need to work with each district to determine if they would like to participate or not.
Regional Co-op Purchases
Nothing to report
Current and Upcoming Regional Events that Involve bSWATT
bSWATT Meeting-April 14, May 12, June 9, July 14
CETL Training ever other Friday at 1pm via IVC
Stats Math Grant/Project at SEDC/Iron and IVC March 20, 21, 27 and 28
TCC Meeting April 1
UCET April 2-3
SEASAT Meeting April 7, 10am at SEDC and IVC
Workforce Grant Meeting in Cedar City 8:30am
SEDC Board Meeting-Plan Report April 22, 11am at the SEDC office
SEDC Tech Department Eval May 4-7
Media Steering Committee May 4 at 12PM at sEDC and IVC
Basic Cisco Training-May 19 at SEDC office
ESL, Math, Reading Level I and Reading Level 2-Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesday
CETL Study Group at USOE May 27 and 28
Admin Conference-PLCs June 3 at SUU
Legislative Steak Fry-June 10
UEN Tech Summit in SLC June 10-11
PowerSchool 7.x end of life July 1
Rural Schools Conference July 7-10 at SUU

Notes from bSWATT Meeting-Feb 2015

Hello bSWATT,
Please review the notes and let me know if I need to add, delete or change anything.  Next bsWATT meeting will be held March 24 from 10am to 12pm.  See you soon.
Thanks for those attending the meeting last week
Kevin-Chair (IVC)
Tracy (IVC)
Travis (IVC)
Gerald (IVC)
Charlie (IVC)
Cody P. (IVC)
Troy B. (IVC)
Troy L.
Web Site/Joomla-Clint, Cory, Scott, and Jack
The SEDC web site was compromised a day or so ago.   After much discussion the bSWATT decided that SEDC would continue to support Joomla and will upgrade the SEDC hosted district sites to the latest code for security purposes.  Concrete, Google Sites and Joomla are the three SEDC supported web site platforms.
Review the Current Plan and Develop Next Steps in the Planning Process-Cory, Edna and Jim
The bSWATT reviewed the vision statements and strategies that we developed at our regional retreat in February. We then selected one or two action items to focus on per vision/strategies.   SEDC will work to develop a first draft of the action plans for each selected action item.  These draft action plans with measurements will be reviewed and approved/finalized (or not) at our next bSWATT meeting in March.  Once approved by the bSWATT SEDC team will solicit feedback/input from teachers, administrators and classified staff.  This plan with continue to be developed, refined and implemented over the next couple of years.
The bSWATT will present the final plan to the SEDC board on April 22 around 12PM, we will have lunch brought into the SEDC office for  both the Executive and SWATT boards as we discuss the plan.
The current plan is located at (please remember it’s still very much in draft form, but it is starting to take form):
Disaster Recovery-review districts/SEDC drafts-Jack and Cory (please bring your district draft)
The first draft of the SEDC disaster recovery plan was reviewed, feedback on the plan was provided. As per our discussion, SEDC needs to add more detail for switches, firewall, filtering and risk analysis.  The next and hopefully final draft will be presented to the bSWATT and SEDC board.
Several districts reported that they are also working on their district plan, once they are complete they will share with the bSWATT.
The Southern Utah Media Specialist (SUMS) conference will be held February 25, at the Iron District Office.  We have more than 60 people registered.  We have been hosting this conference every other year for the last 5-6 years.   Charlie asked if we could host this conference in St. George for all media folks in the region on the years we were not hosting in Cedar City, the bSWATT thought this was a good idea so SEDC will collect data on the possibility/interest and will report back to the bSWATT and the SEDC board for final approval/direction.
Legislative Funding for Technology-Rick and Cory
Rick provided an update on SB222, this year’s technology bill.
The bSWTT was supportive but has concerns regarding the strings that are attached to the funding.
IEP Pro Server-Cory and Jack
The regional IEP Pros server is functioning correctly at this time but all agreed that the bSWATT needs to look for a long term solution.  Iron and Washington are moving forward with developing a PowerSchool hosted solution.  The other districts are looking at several purchased solutions including Power IEP and having a local Utah company purchase the rights to IEP Pro and continue the development and support.  Chris Kupfer will continue to update the tech directors on the work the state is doing on this issue.
CETL work/plan-Cory and Charlie
All bSWATT members currently in this course will take the certification exam in Sept., except for Charlie who will take it in May.  There will be a study group held at USOE on May 27th, please plan to attend, if possible.  There will be a second cohort starting this certification in Sept. 2015, let Charlie or Cory know if you have someone interested in participating in this cohort.
e-rate/Firewall-Jack and Cory
Districts in the region have filed for e-rate funding for a new next generation firewall, as per the bSWATT’s request, SEDC will work to see if we can find a firewall system/solution that we will work for everyone in the region.  More to follow…
Stakeholders Evaluation Reports (possible new project)-Cory
The SEDC board has asked that SEDC work with each district to help find a solution for the required SB64 mandate of providing a stakeholder evaluation.  The UofU is offering a solution for this at a cost of $40,000 for the entire region.  More to follow.…
Stats Workshop (March 20, 21, 27, 28)-Cory
SEDC has been awarded a grant to provide PD for Statistics.  The technology folks in the districts will need to help provide a IVC site for secondary math teachers to attend from a location in their district.  Cory will contact those of you that have teachers participating.
STEM Endorsement Grant PD (Starting in July)-Edna
SEDC, working with SUU, has been awarded a STEM grant to provide PD for elementary teachers so they can become STEM endorsed.  There is funding in the grant for up to 40 teachers in the region to participate.  The SEDC tech team will be required to provide IVC and technology support for this project.  SEDC will host the official web site for this grant and will provide fiscal and technology support.
Regional Purchases-Cory
Not too much interest in cooperative purchasing of technology in the region at this time.  We’ll discuss this again in the March bSWATT meeting.