Notes from bSWATT June 8, 2015

bSWATT June 8, 2015
Cory, Chris, Clint, Scott, Gerald, Travis, Troy L, Troy B, Edna, Jason
Next Meeting is July 16 from 10am to 12pm, then we will host the new SWATT meeting from 12pm to 2pm, this meeting will take place at the Iron District Office Board Room.

Review Action Items from Last Meeting on April 14th  The group reviewed and updated the action items.  The group discussed available options to comply with the new filtering law (all devices to be filtered). Jack and Cory are meeting with UEN this week to discuss and will report back in July bSWATT meeting.   Cory, Charlie, Troy, Travis and Greg will be presenting the CyberCorps grant in SLC to the grant funding committee.

Firewall Next Steps Jack is working with the districts purchasing equipment and they will be delivered, training will be in July. Directors can send PO’s now or wait until July 1.

Cyber Insurance The group discussed the need for purchasing insurance. Jack reported that the insurance covers the approximate $28 per student to recover/clean up the data. Cory is going to get more information on coverage and pricing from the District BAs and the vendor, will report in the July bSWATT meeting.

Request from Iron for a new programing project, presented by Troy

Troy presented on ICSD Form Builder IEP and the work they are doing and what was needed from SEDC.  SEDC tech team will meet with Kevin and Troy at Iron to discuss details. We will report in July on this project request.
Next steps with CETL
Charlie updated group on progress, he feels the program has been beneficial. The current group has until October 1 to complete. There are 7 people that will be taking test in June. Please let Charlie or Cory know if you have someone in your district interested in participating in next year’s program.
Canvas Users/Licensing
Cory will send an email to collect the number of licenses needed for next school year.
Research 2 Write-LSTA Grant
Chris shared the grant details for a regional ChromeBook lab being shared by rural school students so they can  develop online books.   The directors signed the partnership agreement.  More to follow soon.
T-Forum and work with the SWATT
The group discussed ways to collaborate with the regional technical people (IVC, retreat, social).  They will be meeting with the bSWATT on July 16 to share ideas and develop a game plan on how to more fully involve them (the technical folks) in a regional PLC environment.
FileWave- Clint provided a quick overview of this MDM type solution.  The bSWATT asked Clint to see if others in the State were using this solution and to report back.
Current and Upcoming Regional Events that Involve bSWATT

bSWATT Meeting-June 8, July 16

ESL, Math, Reading Level I and Reading Level 2-Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesday Through the Middle of May using IVC

Ed Technology PLC Every Third Tuesday 3PM over IVC and SEDC Office
SEDC Board Meeting-Aug 12
Legislative Steak Fry-June 10
UEN Tech Summit in SLC June 10-11
CETL Training Session June 9, next test will be end of Sept.
PowerSchool 7.x end of life July 1
Rural Schools Conference July 7-10 at SUU
STEM Endorsement July 27-31
Millard’s and Iron’s Tech Department Evaluation Nov/Dec 2015