bSWATT Meeting, July 16, 2015

bSWATT July 16, 2015 at Iron County DO

Present: Charlie, Jim B., Jeff E., Kevin C., Tracy., Jason., Travis T., Troy B., Troy L., Chris H., Scott, Edna and Cory

Action items from last meeting

  • SB222 S1 5Million-wait for Rick
  • Security Breach HB 163-ongoing, Troy will follow-up
  • Regional e-rate support-SEDC is willing to help if needed, Cory will send out a survey to assess needs
  • iBOSS Training / MDM etc.-Scott updated the group on IBOSS and will schedule a training
  • CyberCorps Project-Cory updated progress and will meet with all involved on August 18
  • Firewall Next Steps-Scott updated progress, most districts have firewall, training was successful, Scott will schedule follow up for September
  • Cyber Insurance-Cory updated details of coverage, encouraged directors to contact BA’s to make sure they aware that data hosted at SEDC is not covered
  • Canvas Users/Licensing-Cory has collected numbers and districts have been invoiced
  • Research 2 Write-LSTA Grant-Has been funded, Chris will involve the bSWATT in the rollout in the  Aug. meeting
  • T-Forum and SWATT have been combined into one PLC-The group discussed the potential directions, they want to meet quarterly.  Cory and Jim will head this up.
  • Next steps with CETL-Charlie updated group,  23 have taken initial training, 7 passed test, 17 to still test. Study group on Monday’s at 9:30pm until we all take the test on Sept 30th.
  • Regional Co-op Purchases-Cory getting pricing on Turnitin

New Items

Hiring Update for System Specialist

Scott H is taking Jack’s place and SEDC is continuing to accept applications until July 17, should have someone on board in the next week.


Jim B. shared the process WCSD is implementing. (Icons for Chromebooks for easier login, WiFi authenticating, guests use phone # to get access).  Scott will work with the districts on finding and implementing solutions.

Wireless Training

The group decided it was not needed

SEDC Data hosting services for districts for request for service

Scott will increase the storage size on web server and Jason will check with Clint to see about adding podcasts to Joomla.  SEDC will host audio type data up to several Gigabytes for the district being hosted by SEDC.


UEN has virtual servers available, Cory to follow up to see about using for backup/redundancy (pilot).

Quickticket for the SEDC office

Cory asked the group about using QT for SEDC requests. The Tech Directors agreed that they would use the system, Cory will work to develop a draft policy for o=how this will be handled on a regional basis.  This draft will be presented at our next tech board meeting.

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