bSWATT Meeting September 15, 2015

bSWATT September 15, 2015



Jason Eyre, Clint Stephens, Troy Lunt, Cory Stokes, Josh Kleinke, Scott Harpster, Chris Haught, Edna LaMarca

IVC-Travis Terry, Tracy Davis, Troy Bradshaw, Charlie Roberts

Discuss Tech Standards Doc

Cory reviewed the doc with the group and the group made suggestions (see doc)

Review Action Items from Last Meeting on Aug 18

Regional e-rate support

Districts/Charters that are interested need to complete form by Nov 1.

iBOSS Training / MDM etc.

Training scheduled for November SWATT meeting November 3

CyberCorps Project

There are 20 schools signed up, 2 are out of the region, classes will start on September 16.

Research 2 Write-LSTA Grant

Chris reported that we are on track and will be starting with Iron next month


Josh and Jim are working on storing WordPress installs at UEN


Cory will work with other service centers to create agenda

Quickticket for the SEDC office

Scott will send out more info soon.

Firewall Next Steps

Scott will continue to work with schools, will follow up with Troy B. Scott will look for other support resources with Palo Alto.


Cory asked directors to please complete the survey as soon as possible

Netsafe next steps

The group discussed ways to implement, Edna will look at both bills (HB213 and HB298) to clarify requirements for schools regarding netsafe training.

New Items

SIS RDP open to the world

Request from Garfield, decision was made to use VPN, Scott will work with Jason.

AUP Discussion

The group discussed the need to update the current AUP’s, directors need to discuss with their superintendents. Charlie suggested we look closely at adding BYOD topics.

Completing the Disaster Recovery Plan

Directors will meet Dec 1 to review plans as a group

Smart Board Discussion

Jason had questions about which models others were using and were the flat monitors worth using, the others agreed that they were not. Travis suggested using an eBeam. Charlie discussed the different models and the fact that Chromebooks with Chromecast allow students to project from their computer. Cory will set up a Chromecast Demo for SWATT


Cory updated the group on the pricing he received, are districts interested in getting?

Technology Purchases

The group discussed the various pricing offered by different vendors for like items, Josh will create a database to be used to compare pricing and provide information to the group.

Current and Upcoming Regional Events that Involve bSWATT

bSWATT  Sept 15, Oct 13, Nov 17, Dec 8, Retreat Jan 26,27, Feb 16, March 22, April 19, May 17, June 14, and July 12

CyberCorps Roll Out Meeting Aug 18

ESL, Math, Reading Level I and Reading Level 2-Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesay Through the Middle of May using IVC

Ed Technology PLC Every Third Tuesday 3PM over IVC and SEDC Office

STEM Endorsement once a week on Thursday afternoon using IVC

SEDC Board Meeting-Sept. 16

CETL Exam Session Sept 30

TCC Meeting in Nebo

SWATT/T-Forum Meeting Nov 3

SUECON: Nov. 6-7

SAINTCON Oct. 27-30

Millard’s and Iron’s Tech Department Evaluation Nov/Dec 2015

4-Region Retreat: Jan. 26-27

Secretaries Conference: Feb. 10

SUMS Conference: March 2

Autism Conference: April 23

Administrators Conference: June 1

Legislators Steak Fry: June 8

ISTE National Conference: June 26-29

URSA: July 13-15