bSWATT Meeting October 13, 2015

Those in attendance bSWATT:
Cory Stokes, SEDC
Clint Stephens, SEDC
Josh Klienke, SEDC
Scott Harpster, SEDC
Jason Eyre, Garfield via IVC
Troy Bradshaw, Vista via IVC
Travis Terry, Kane via IVC
Troy Lunt, Iron at SEDC
Kevin Chapman, Millard via IVC
Lane Limb, Beaver via IVC
Agenda & Action Items:
  • Open Discussion on Chromebooks, SAINTCon, other items
  • Technology Plan
    • Grant Goal to better document grants and goings on. CenturyLink Grant Training next week in Iron. Moving forward.
    • Tech Standards for Support/Training Goals. Please provide feedback. 
      • Make sure that latest version and subsequent updates are documented and dated.
      • Make sure we stress the Train-the-Trainer approach with our Superintendents and that we have their support.
  • Communication Plan
    • UEN stated strong communication practices, but we have areas to improve upon.
    • Troy gave feedback that wording is adequate for Charters
    • Board was good with list of services that end users can contact us directly with issues/requests
  • Train-the-Trainer Goals
    • Being addressed by CyberCorps
    • We will start to work on those goals and will get back to board next month
  • Review of Action Items from last meeting:
    • SB222: Good discussion at TCC. Plan is coming along.  The Supt’s in this region may rather have funds go to WPU. 
      • ACTION ITEM: Bring this up at SEDC Board Meeting in November to see where they lay and if they support this bill.
    • Security Breach HB 163
      • ACTION ITEM: Troy will send out information on items in the next week
    • Regional eRate Support: Needs survey filled out by Nov. 1 to be of any help. Iron and Washington is doing their own eRate filing. Kane is not interested. Millard is possible in. Lane will follow up with Tracy to gauge interest.  Cory and Jason will work on this on Thursday.
    • CyberCorps: Up and going with teacher PD on CTE Endorsement Course. Moving forward. Going well in Beaver. Greg is running with it in Iron, Troy is willing to help. Endorsement class is requiring too much work/time. Adjustments are being made. 
      • ACTION ITEM: January begin planning CyberCorps Boot Camp, May 13-14 at SWATC
    • SWATT Meeting
      • ACTION ITEM: Add ALL of Iron Tech Folks to roll to attend
    • Virtualization: Josh met with UEN folks on housing virtual server for WordPress at UEN, Josh will report next meeting
    • Retreat: Edna will Keynote on Team Building
      • ACTION ITEM: Request other attending service centers to bring along a few projectors, speakers, extension cords, flip charts etc. 
      • ACTION ITEM: Need final count of attendees by Dec. 15 from each district/charter
    • QuickTicket: Implementing at SEDC. Should help us. Will continue to follow-up with email, plus report in QuickTicket. 
      • ACTION ITEM: Scott to follow up with Jason in Garfield. He’s not getting all emails on tickets.
    • Firewall Next Steps:
      • ACTION ITEM: Remove from list
    • SEASAT: Data collection phase on Teacher and Administrator Self-Assessment. Tech Administrators please take the appropriate version of the Self-Assessment
    • Disaster Recovery Plan: Meeting on December 1. We will finish our plan at that time and will report out.
    • ISTE-iPACT Conference:
      • Kane: Jim Wood, probably Travis
      • Millard: Kevin Chapman, Mike Evans, Teresa Thompson
      • Charters: Sam & Troy from Vista, Troy will talk to Shane for interest
      • Beaver: Not yet
      • Iron: Not yet
      • Washington: ?
      • ACTION ITEM: Send us an email with who is officially coming from your district. Cory & Clint will follow up with you.
  • New Items:
    • WIDA Servers: we can provide this for districts it that’s what you would like us to. View system requirements.
      • ACTION ITEM: Cory will sent out item to Tech Directors to get your input. 
    • LEA Owned Devices & Filtering Requirement: Iron – if district owns device, don’t take it home, but there are issues with that and are undecided on how to proceed. Don’t ask don’t tell?? We don’t have a solution. We will push on state level to make change
      • ACTION ITEM: Cory will contact Jim Stewart and Rick Gaisford to see if there is any new/additional information
    • Online Student Courses: Run courses in need through Canvas, hire teacher to run covered by student fees. Drivers Ed, Financial Literacy, Citizenship Course to pass new required exam. Iron is interested, but concerned about Canvas fees. Kathy Webb is supportive of SEDC taking on this role – gets teachers involved and using this instructional model. It’s hard for students to go through Electronic HS because it’s open enrollment, better to have set start/end dates and some local support for success. 
      • ACTION ITEM: Edna will present to Executive Board for approval. Has approval from bSWATT
    • YouTube Restricted Video: In admin console, go to Apps —> YouTube —> Settings —> Content Settings and check the box for Restricted YouTube access. Need to make sure that Student domains/sub-accounts and Teachers are set correctly and differently if desired. Can make teachers YouTube Video Approvers. Takes iBoss filtering out of the equation and no need to use Clean Video Search
    • WiFi on Busses: Is anyone doing anything on this? Some schools up north are doing this. We would like to discuss it with other service centers. There is probably huge interest in this.
      • ACTION ITEM: Jason to send info to Cory to disseminate. 
    • SEDC Tech Evaluation: Linked to line 35 in SmartSheets (paperclip icon on left of row). We are and will be working on Security, Disconnect of roles/Services vs Support
    • Regional Co-Op Purchases: Turnitin will not work out – free alternative for teachers to use at No other purchases other than Chromebooks going on at this time. 
      • ACTION ITEM: Clint to report back on educational potential of new $50 Kindle Fire 
      • ACTION ITEM: Josh will send out email to see what Chromebook models are being purchased in the region and will share out with group