bSWATT SEDC February 16, 2016

Attending: SEDC-Kevin Chapman, Troy Lunt, Jason Eyre, Josh Kleinke, Edna LaMarca, Cory Stokes, Chris Haught.  IVC-Troy Bradshaw, Travis Terry, Barry Bryson, Tracy Davis, Rick Gaisford, Charlie Roberts

Train the Trainer: The group discussed the involvement of the tech directors when cc’d form teacher training requests. Jason suggested more lead time when setting up training if possible. Troy discussed the difficulty with including the school tech person, and SEDC will include them when scheduling school trainings.

SEDC trainers will cc the trainers to include them.

Action- Directors will send lists to Cory of contact people that should be included in the services listed in the SEDC training catalog.

The group discussed doing a Train the Trainer in June with all districts here at SEDC and doing follow up in the districts.

Technology Bill:

There was no new info, superintendents are pushing for stronger WPU.


Security Breach Bill:

Troy is working with Rick on an overview of this bill and he will provide the document once it’s complete.



Cory and Josh are working on the erate RFP. Jason and Tracy asked if there would be a choice of vendors, yes, this why we have an RFP. Cory and Josh will add Millard to the current filing and possibly charter schools.


Action-Meet May 3 from 10-2, please send agenda items to Cory or Jim


Josh has it set up and will continue to work on it.


The group felt the retreat was well organized and very informative, big thanks to SESC for their efforts. The group discussed holding the 4 region retreat every other year and doing a single region in between.


Cory share the results of the SEASAT surveys.


Clint will continue to work on. Kevin suggested looking at Nebo’s one page AUP.

Action-Clint will locate Nebo’s

Disaster Recovery Plan:

SEDC sent out the draft in December fro feedback, none was received. Jason suggested looking at UPS vendors, added to SWATT agenda.

Action-Cory to resend.


Meeting May 17 to discuss goals and logistics


Josh update the timeline sent to directors and reported on current status.

Technical Training:

SEDC has sent out RFP’s for trainings on CCNA, Cisco, PMP, Windows Server etc to do online training.


Meeting Times:

The group agreed to continue to meet at 2pm and use Webex.


Sexting and Social Media:

Tech Directors should contact SEDC if they would like help with trainings on faculty use of social media



What can we do to continue to offer IT Endorsements to teachers and get support from USOE.

What courses could be offered next year? (Intro to Computer Science, Programming, White Hacker). Charlie suggested strengthening the focus on tech support from Cybercorps students in the schools. SEDC will continue to look at options.

Clint is scheduling instructors for Boot Camp and will be in touch.


Ed Tech Endorsement:

The group agreed that there was a need and would support.

Action-Cory will set up a plan and present to bSWATT.