bSWATT Meeting March 22, 2016

SEDC March 22
Attending: atSEDC-Kevin Chapman, Troy Lunt, Edna LaMarca, Cory Stokes, Chris Haught, Clint Stephens, Roger LaMarca (SUU), Mark Atkinson (SUU)
Over IVC-Troy Bradshaw, Travis Terry, Tracy Davis, Rick Gaisford, Charlie Roberts, Jason Eyre


Ed Tech and Online Teacher Endorsements
All districts/bSWATT agreed to move forward with the regional Tech Endorsement program. Clint will be the project lead and SEDC will present the final plan to the SEDC board in April.
Clint shared the details of the proposed ETEP program, see link here.
Roger shared the offerings in the 6000 level “online” certificate courses. Mark explained it was 12 credits (graduate certificate). It is offered in Canvas, is competency based and incorporates specific skills opposed to theory. It is taught by SUU Faculty (terminally agreed) and well established.
The group discussed using the SUU courses as core/electives ($245 per credit) and  will be add to the program
Action-Clint to verify that UEN ETP Courses are accepted into SUU Masters program
Cory asked the group for input:
Tracy suggested adding district level
Jason will discuss with staff
Troy B was in favor
Charlie would have teachers that need certain classes, and since he has limited slots available for the Core Cohorts. WCSD uses Learnkey to allow teachers to earn extra credit.
Action-Cory to look into Learnkey
Troy L is very interested and has support. The benefits would be, extended tech training for classroom use, opportunity for lane changes and certification that would allow for promotion into the ICSD tech dept. Troy asked Charlie how their Ed Tech Endorsement was funded. Charlie explained it comes from his budget for hardware and trainers and he and Tony do most of the instruction (they don’t need much funding to implement). The teachers pay only the SUU credit fee ($21/23 per credit)


The group discussed ways that SEDC and Districts could help (stipends/grants) pay for the courses. Roger made the point that if teachers took the first three courses thru SUU, they would likely qualify for a lane change.
The group discussed the optimal class size (15-25), costs and offerings. The group agreed that we would hold a kick off in the fall and get started.
Action-Cory will advertise the WCSD courses offered during the summer to others who may want to start early.


Technology Funding Update
Rick discussed the funding, $10 million, $1 million to charters, then the rest is divided with a base/per student model that comes to $14 per student, ongoing. The one time money (3 million), same base/student model comes to $4 per student. UEN has $3 million to distribute as well.
Charlie asked when funds would be available, Rick responded that the application/committee process will dictate that. Charlie asked if the applications would be needed every year, answer was no, one application could possibly cover three years. Rick discussed the Future Ready program.
Action-Rick will send details to Cory


Tech Strategic Plan Work (June 15-Train the Trainer)-Cory
Cory shared details of train-the-trainer workshop on June 15, teachers can get a $100 stipend, 
Action-Cory will send details of classes and agenda.


Video Surveillance-Is ExacqVision Working? Long TERM Plan-Cory and Tracy
Is it worth keeping? Is it worth it to upgrade and pay for maintenance?
Travis and Jason stated their contracts are good for a few years.
Charlie shared that they are using a cheaper service
Tracy has 250+ licenses about to expire and wants to explore other options
Troy L. is good till 2019
Troy L is getting bids from others for future installs
Action-Jason and Kevin will send needs to Cory
Action-Charlie to send name of company to Cory
The group agreed to continue with this solution in the near future


Mobile Phone Contracts and Filtering-Cory and group
Millard, Beaver and WCSD are providing stipend
Kane, Iron provide phones
District Policy dictates whether they need to be filtered or not.
Action-Rick to clarify and send Cory email


June’s bSWATT Meeting-Jason and Cory
Action-bSWATT to be held in Garfield and have vendors present and provide lunch


Regional Co-op Purchases (UPS contract)-Cory and Tracy
Tracy shared info on a company that will inventory, test and recommend replacement.
Garfield, Kane, Millard, Iron are interested

Action-Tracy and Cory to follow up