bSWATT SEDC April 19, 2016

SEDC April 19, 2016


Those attending were: SEDC- Troy Lunt, Edna LaMarca, Cory Stokes, Chris Haught, Clint Stephens, Jason Eyre, Josh Kleinke
IVC- Travis Terry, Rick Gaisford, Charlie Roberts, Jim Stewart


Ed Tech Endorsement-Plan-Clint/Cory/Charlie
Clint updated the group on the status of the program and asked that the directors plan on teaching some of the courses. The group discussed whether it should be elementary or secondary and agreed that is probably should be elementary. Cory is presenting to the board April 20.
Cost to teachers would be close to $400 for endorsements. Nine of the credits can be put towards a Masters.


Technology Funding and Legislative Update-Rick/Jim
Rick explained some of the changes in the bill, some of the numbers he gave last month may be changing.
All districts should apply.
A few of the rule changes:
Advisory Committee may assign others to preview and make recommendations to committee
Approval of the plan is good for three year
If a plan is not approved, there is a process to help the district write a successful plan, Rick discussed some of the items in the Master Plan.
Rick will be available for support and advice upon request.
Charlie asked of all LEA’s would have to attend Boot Camp in SLC, Rick said they could work with districts.
Troy mentioned he has been solicited by third party vendors wanting to help prepare the plan and asked if others have been using these contractors. Rick responded that there are vendors available and they are looking into that.
Cory added that the Service Centers would also be able to help, please contact him if needed.
Travis asked about the filtering rules and Rick will check into and respond.
Action-Rick to report back to bSWATT on filtering language in the bill


Canvas Contract-Cory
Cory discussed the contract details and the prices for support levels, these are up to 75 cents per student for support, should we try and downgrade and manage support for ourselves?
We are locked into a seven year contract where the prices escalate every year.
Should SEDC create their own contract and move away from the UEN contract or try to negotiate the current contract.
Action-Cory to discuss with Jim and follow up


UPS Refresh/Work-Tracy/Cory
Does it make sense to hire someone (SEDC’s intern) to check all the UPS’s used on servers
Garfield, Beaver, Kane are interested.
Action-SEDC will create and present the plan in May.


Tech Strategic Plan (Train the Trainer)-Cory
Cory asked if there was interest in this? SEDC will pay stipend of $100 to teachers willing to attend the workshop.. Troy wanted to make sure that the training would not be the same as items that ICSD has already covered.  We need to move forward quickly.
Action-Cory to get registration and training topics. Troy has reserved rooms at Iron DO.


Regional Co-op Purchases-Cory
Josh asked what the directors preferred to see on the sheet? What software/hardware would you like to see?
The group discussed the relationships between districts and vendors.
Action-Charlie will send out a report on what Washington is purchasing on a monthly basis, this will trigger a discussion with the rest of bSWATT on their purchase and the need to collaborate on possible regional co-op purchases


iSchool Bus Tour-May 19-Cory/Troy
Troy discussed the ISchool Bus, if other districts would like to attend, please work with Troy.The SEDC Board is meeting that day and the superintendents will tour.
Action-Troy L. will take the lead on this and will send out information and scheduling times.


Josh updated the group on the latest on E Rate, we are now required to decide on one manufacturer (Cisco, Ruckus, HP) and get bids.
Action-Cory will send out an e-rate RFP response evaluation to the 4 small districts and charters that are involved (this is done)


SWATT Meeting/Training-Jim/Cory
At new SWATC building May 3
Round Tables Discussions
Disaster Recovery/Cory
Wireless Networking/Kerry


Whole Group-
IBoss MDM/Scott
SEASAT results/Cory
Wireless/Ken and Kerry
Iron’s PRTG solution /Ken
CyberCorps Camp Review/Clint
Thanks, let me know if we missed anything.