bSWATT SEDC May 17, 2016


SEDC-Cory, Kevin Chapman, Scott Larsen, Scott Harpster, Jason Eyre, Edna LaMarca, Troy Lunt, Travis Terry, Josh Kleinke, Chris Haught, Clint Stephens
IVC-Jeff Short, Rick Gaisford, Troy Bradshaw
Audio-Jim Stewart


UPS Project-Scott and Scott
Districts still have old units that may or may not working, many sitting unused, Scott L mentioned that the first step is to get UPS’s identified and assessed. Batteries should last 3-4 years. Many schools may have older UEN owned units.
Should SEDC create a standard list of supported units?
Should we use the UEN Database as a template?
Jim suggested setting a minimum standard for config.
Kane needs a generator
Iron is ok on their own
WCSD is ok
Millard has some older UEN units, has some that need to be assessed.
Garfield-has assorted
Beaver is scheduled for June 1
Garfield is scheduled for June 2
Action-Scott will work out the rest of the districts
Action- Jeff to send survey to Scott H
Action-Scott to create an inventory Database with info on units/he will head up the project
Action-Josh to check whether the UPS are eratable


UEN Tech Summit June 7/8
Jim encouraged people to register


House Bill 277
Rick reported that schools are responding and they should have allocation amounts by the end of the month, as well as a draft application. Applications will be due in the fall. Boot Camps will be held in September across the state. Grants must be qualified by December 31.
Jason asked about the filtering rules for devices taken home by admin. Rick suggested that the District’s Board Policy be updated.
Action-Rick to follow up on committee that is developing procedures for take home devices


CyberCorps Update-Cory and Clint
We had close to 100 students participate and the feedback was great. The funds have been expended.
Should SEDC try to write more grants to do next year. Could funds come from CTE funds?
Program could be extended by adding Web development, programming
Action-Edna to look for funding from legislators and CTE


CoSN CETL for Next Year-Cory
There are 20 seats available, SEDC will continue to administer.  Please send Edna info if you have people interested.


Ed Tech Endorsement-Plan-Clint and Cory
Clint updated the group, the information can be found here.
Core courses will count towards SUU Masters of Ed as electives, confirmed 5/17 with Bart Reynolds and Tony Pelligrini
10 signed up as of 5/17 from Iron, Kane & Charters
First course will start 9/12, Foundations of Instructional Design, EDUC 5031


Canvas Contract-Cory/Group
The group discussed whether to attempt to renegotiate the contract and remove the .75 per student support. The group discussed the Kimono progress on grade passback. Kimono “says” it will be working by start of school
E-rate-Josh and Cory
Jim reported that the deadline has been extended. Requests for new services must be made to UEN by September 15.
Action-Josh needs order numbers from districts by May 27 from directors
Action-Josh to check with Sabrina on changing qty’s (ordering extras)


Google Read and Write-Travis and Cory
Travis asked that it be added to SEDC’s Service Catalog. Travis stated that the district licenses were cheaper than per user fees. The group agreed to add it to the service catalog.
Action- Cory to add to SEDC service catalog


Importance of Security Certificates (SSL)-Jason and Scott
The group discussed the need for Security Certificates. Scott reported that SEDC is applying a free version to the domains. The appliances still need a Wild Card cert. This will be addressed in the SEASAT


Tech Plan-Strategic Plan (Train the Trainer Workshop)-Clint and Cory
We have close to 20 signed up for the June 15 training. 
Action- Cory will share the registration form with directors. 
Action- Troy to send out to charters.


Regional Co-op Purchases-Josh
Jason shared that the combining of three smaller districts to leverage get better prices.
The group discussed sharing prices with each other.


Action-Troy asked that No Red Ink be looked at by the directors

Next bSWATT is June 14th at 1:00
If there are agenda items, please send them to Kevin to be added