About Cory Stokes

The Regional Technology Director, Cory Stokes, brings 15+ years of educational technology experience to the region. He works directly with technology directors in the six school districts and other district administration in the SEDC Region, providing professional and technology expertise in all aspects of grant writing, project management, networking, computer support, educational technology leadership, strategic planning, and technology training for educational and technical personnel.

bSWATT SEDC May 17, 2016


SEDC-Cory, Kevin Chapman, Scott Larsen, Scott Harpster, Jason Eyre, Edna LaMarca, Troy Lunt, Travis Terry, Josh Kleinke, Chris Haught, Clint Stephens
IVC-Jeff Short, Rick Gaisford, Troy Bradshaw
Audio-Jim Stewart


UPS Project-Scott and Scott
Districts still have old units that may or may not working, many sitting unused, Scott L mentioned that the first step is to get UPS’s identified and assessed. Batteries should last 3-4 years. Many schools may have older UEN owned units.
Should SEDC create a standard list of supported units?
Should we use the UEN Database as a template?
Jim suggested setting a minimum standard for config.
Kane needs a generator
Iron is ok on their own
WCSD is ok
Millard has some older UEN units, has some that need to be assessed.
Garfield-has assorted
Beaver is scheduled for June 1
Garfield is scheduled for June 2
Action-Scott will work out the rest of the districts
Action- Jeff to send survey to Scott H
Action-Scott to create an inventory Database with info on units/he will head up the project
Action-Josh to check whether the UPS are eratable


UEN Tech Summit June 7/8
Jim encouraged people to register


House Bill 277
Rick reported that schools are responding and they should have allocation amounts by the end of the month, as well as a draft application. Applications will be due in the fall. Boot Camps will be held in September across the state. Grants must be qualified by December 31.
Jason asked about the filtering rules for devices taken home by admin. Rick suggested that the District’s Board Policy be updated.
Action-Rick to follow up on committee that is developing procedures for take home devices


CyberCorps Update-Cory and Clint
We had close to 100 students participate and the feedback was great. The funds have been expended.
Should SEDC try to write more grants to do next year. Could funds come from CTE funds?
Program could be extended by adding Web development, programming
Action-Edna to look for funding from legislators and CTE


CoSN CETL for Next Year-Cory
There are 20 seats available, SEDC will continue to administer.  Please send Edna info if you have people interested.


Ed Tech Endorsement-Plan-Clint and Cory
Clint updated the group, the information can be found here.
Core courses will count towards SUU Masters of Ed as electives, confirmed 5/17 with Bart Reynolds and Tony Pelligrini
10 signed up as of 5/17 from Iron, Kane & Charters
First course will start 9/12, Foundations of Instructional Design, EDUC 5031


Canvas Contract-Cory/Group
The group discussed whether to attempt to renegotiate the contract and remove the .75 per student support. The group discussed the Kimono progress on grade passback. Kimono “says” it will be working by start of school
E-rate-Josh and Cory
Jim reported that the deadline has been extended. Requests for new services must be made to UEN by September 15.
Action-Josh needs order numbers from districts by May 27 from directors
Action-Josh to check with Sabrina on changing qty’s (ordering extras)


Google Read and Write-Travis and Cory
Travis asked that it be added to SEDC’s Service Catalog. Travis stated that the district licenses were cheaper than per user fees. The group agreed to add it to the service catalog.
Action- Cory to add to SEDC service catalog


Importance of Security Certificates (SSL)-Jason and Scott
The group discussed the need for Security Certificates. Scott reported that SEDC is applying a free version to the .k12.ut.us domains. The appliances still need a Wild Card cert. This will be addressed in the SEASAT


Tech Plan-Strategic Plan (Train the Trainer Workshop)-Clint and Cory
We have close to 20 signed up for the June 15 training. 
Action- Cory will share the registration form with directors. 
Action- Troy to send out to charters.


Regional Co-op Purchases-Josh
Jason shared that the combining of three smaller districts to leverage get better prices.
The group discussed sharing prices with each other.


Action-Troy asked that No Red Ink be looked at by the directors

Next bSWATT is June 14th at 1:00
If there are agenda items, please send them to Kevin to be added

bSWATT SEDC April 19, 2016

SEDC April 19, 2016


Those attending were: SEDC- Troy Lunt, Edna LaMarca, Cory Stokes, Chris Haught, Clint Stephens, Jason Eyre, Josh Kleinke
IVC- Travis Terry, Rick Gaisford, Charlie Roberts, Jim Stewart


Ed Tech Endorsement-Plan-Clint/Cory/Charlie
Clint updated the group on the status of the program and asked that the directors plan on teaching some of the courses. The group discussed whether it should be elementary or secondary and agreed that is probably should be elementary. Cory is presenting to the board April 20.
Cost to teachers would be close to $400 for endorsements. Nine of the credits can be put towards a Masters.


Technology Funding and Legislative Update-Rick/Jim
Rick explained some of the changes in the bill, some of the numbers he gave last month may be changing.
All districts should apply.
A few of the rule changes:
Advisory Committee may assign others to preview and make recommendations to committee
Approval of the plan is good for three year
If a plan is not approved, there is a process to help the district write a successful plan, Rick discussed some of the items in the Master Plan.
Rick will be available for support and advice upon request.
Charlie asked of all LEA’s would have to attend Boot Camp in SLC, Rick said they could work with districts.
Troy mentioned he has been solicited by third party vendors wanting to help prepare the plan and asked if others have been using these contractors. Rick responded that there are vendors available and they are looking into that.
Cory added that the Service Centers would also be able to help, please contact him if needed.
Travis asked about the filtering rules and Rick will check into and respond.
Action-Rick to report back to bSWATT on filtering language in the bill


Canvas Contract-Cory
Cory discussed the contract details and the prices for support levels, these are up to 75 cents per student for support, should we try and downgrade and manage support for ourselves?
We are locked into a seven year contract where the prices escalate every year.
Should SEDC create their own contract and move away from the UEN contract or try to negotiate the current contract.
Action-Cory to discuss with Jim and follow up


UPS Refresh/Work-Tracy/Cory
Does it make sense to hire someone (SEDC’s intern) to check all the UPS’s used on servers
Garfield, Beaver, Kane are interested.
Action-SEDC will create and present the plan in May.


Tech Strategic Plan (Train the Trainer)-Cory
Cory asked if there was interest in this? SEDC will pay stipend of $100 to teachers willing to attend the workshop.. Troy wanted to make sure that the training would not be the same as items that ICSD has already covered.  We need to move forward quickly.
Action-Cory to get registration and training topics. Troy has reserved rooms at Iron DO.


Regional Co-op Purchases-Cory
Josh asked what the directors preferred to see on the sheet? What software/hardware would you like to see?
The group discussed the relationships between districts and vendors.
Action-Charlie will send out a report on what Washington is purchasing on a monthly basis, this will trigger a discussion with the rest of bSWATT on their purchase and the need to collaborate on possible regional co-op purchases


iSchool Bus Tour-May 19-Cory/Troy
Troy discussed the ISchool Bus, if other districts would like to attend, please work with Troy.The SEDC Board is meeting that day and the superintendents will tour.
Action-Troy L. will take the lead on this and will send out information and scheduling times.


Josh updated the group on the latest on E Rate, we are now required to decide on one manufacturer (Cisco, Ruckus, HP) and get bids.
Action-Cory will send out an e-rate RFP response evaluation to the 4 small districts and charters that are involved (this is done)


SWATT Meeting/Training-Jim/Cory
At new SWATC building May 3
Round Tables Discussions
Disaster Recovery/Cory
Wireless Networking/Kerry


Whole Group-
IBoss MDM/Scott
SEASAT results/Cory
Wireless/Ken and Kerry
Iron’s PRTG solution /Ken
CyberCorps Camp Review/Clint
Thanks, let me know if we missed anything.

bSWATT Meeting March 22, 2016

SEDC March 22
Attending: atSEDC-Kevin Chapman, Troy Lunt, Edna LaMarca, Cory Stokes, Chris Haught, Clint Stephens, Roger LaMarca (SUU), Mark Atkinson (SUU)
Over IVC-Troy Bradshaw, Travis Terry, Tracy Davis, Rick Gaisford, Charlie Roberts, Jason Eyre


Ed Tech and Online Teacher Endorsements
All districts/bSWATT agreed to move forward with the regional Tech Endorsement program. Clint will be the project lead and SEDC will present the final plan to the SEDC board in April.
Clint shared the details of the proposed ETEP program, see link here.
Roger shared the offerings in the 6000 level “online” certificate courses. Mark explained it was 12 credits (graduate certificate). It is offered in Canvas, is competency based and incorporates specific skills opposed to theory. It is taught by SUU Faculty (terminally agreed) and well established.
The group discussed using the SUU courses as core/electives ($245 per credit) and  will be add to the program
Action-Clint to verify that UEN ETP Courses are accepted into SUU Masters program
Cory asked the group for input:
Tracy suggested adding district level
Jason will discuss with staff
Troy B was in favor
Charlie would have teachers that need certain classes, and since he has limited slots available for the Core Cohorts. WCSD uses Learnkey to allow teachers to earn extra credit.
Action-Cory to look into Learnkey
Troy L is very interested and has support. The benefits would be, extended tech training for classroom use, opportunity for lane changes and certification that would allow for promotion into the ICSD tech dept. Troy asked Charlie how their Ed Tech Endorsement was funded. Charlie explained it comes from his budget for hardware and trainers and he and Tony do most of the instruction (they don’t need much funding to implement). The teachers pay only the SUU credit fee ($21/23 per credit)


The group discussed ways that SEDC and Districts could help (stipends/grants) pay for the courses. Roger made the point that if teachers took the first three courses thru SUU, they would likely qualify for a lane change.
The group discussed the optimal class size (15-25), costs and offerings. The group agreed that we would hold a kick off in the fall and get started.
Action-Cory will advertise the WCSD courses offered during the summer to others who may want to start early.


Technology Funding Update
Rick discussed the funding, $10 million, $1 million to charters, then the rest is divided with a base/per student model that comes to $14 per student, ongoing. The one time money (3 million), same base/student model comes to $4 per student. UEN has $3 million to distribute as well.
Charlie asked when funds would be available, Rick responded that the application/committee process will dictate that. Charlie asked if the applications would be needed every year, answer was no, one application could possibly cover three years. Rick discussed the Future Ready program.
Action-Rick will send details to Cory


Tech Strategic Plan Work (June 15-Train the Trainer)-Cory
Cory shared details of train-the-trainer workshop on June 15, teachers can get a $100 stipend, 
Action-Cory will send details of classes and agenda.


Video Surveillance-Is ExacqVision Working? Long TERM Plan-Cory and Tracy
Is it worth keeping? Is it worth it to upgrade and pay for maintenance?
Travis and Jason stated their contracts are good for a few years.
Charlie shared that they are using a cheaper service
Tracy has 250+ licenses about to expire and wants to explore other options
Troy L. is good till 2019
Troy L is getting bids from others for future installs
Action-Jason and Kevin will send needs to Cory
Action-Charlie to send name of company to Cory
The group agreed to continue with this solution in the near future


Mobile Phone Contracts and Filtering-Cory and group
Millard, Beaver and WCSD are providing stipend
Kane, Iron provide phones
District Policy dictates whether they need to be filtered or not.
Action-Rick to clarify and send Cory email


June’s bSWATT Meeting-Jason and Cory
Action-bSWATT to be held in Garfield and have vendors present and provide lunch


Regional Co-op Purchases (UPS contract)-Cory and Tracy
Tracy shared info on a company that will inventory, test and recommend replacement.
Garfield, Kane, Millard, Iron are interested

Action-Tracy and Cory to follow up

bSWATT SEDC February 16, 2016

Attending: SEDC-Kevin Chapman, Troy Lunt, Jason Eyre, Josh Kleinke, Edna LaMarca, Cory Stokes, Chris Haught.  IVC-Troy Bradshaw, Travis Terry, Barry Bryson, Tracy Davis, Rick Gaisford, Charlie Roberts

Train the Trainer: The group discussed the involvement of the tech directors when cc’d form teacher training requests. Jason suggested more lead time when setting up training if possible. Troy discussed the difficulty with including the school tech person, and SEDC will include them when scheduling school trainings.

SEDC trainers will cc the trainers to include them.

Action- Directors will send lists to Cory of contact people that should be included in the services listed in the SEDC training catalog.

The group discussed doing a Train the Trainer in June with all districts here at SEDC and doing follow up in the districts.

Technology Bill:

There was no new info, superintendents are pushing for stronger WPU.


Security Breach Bill:

Troy is working with Rick on an overview of this bill and he will provide the document once it’s complete.



Cory and Josh are working on the erate RFP. Jason and Tracy asked if there would be a choice of vendors, yes, this why we have an RFP. Cory and Josh will add Millard to the current filing and possibly charter schools.


Action-Meet May 3 from 10-2, please send agenda items to Cory or Jim


Josh has it set up and will continue to work on it.


The group felt the retreat was well organized and very informative, big thanks to SESC for their efforts. The group discussed holding the 4 region retreat every other year and doing a single region in between.


Cory share the results of the SEASAT surveys.


Clint will continue to work on. Kevin suggested looking at Nebo’s one page AUP.

Action-Clint will locate Nebo’s

Disaster Recovery Plan:

SEDC sent out the draft in December fro feedback, none was received. Jason suggested looking at UPS vendors, added to SWATT agenda.

Action-Cory to resend.


Meeting May 17 to discuss goals and logistics


Josh update the timeline sent to directors and reported on current status.

Technical Training:

SEDC has sent out RFP’s for trainings on CCNA, Cisco, PMP, Windows Server etc to do online training.


Meeting Times:

The group agreed to continue to meet at 2pm and use Webex.


Sexting and Social Media:

Tech Directors should contact SEDC if they would like help with trainings on faculty use of social media



What can we do to continue to offer IT Endorsements to teachers and get support from USOE.

What courses could be offered next year? (Intro to Computer Science, Programming, White Hacker). Charlie suggested strengthening the focus on tech support from Cybercorps students in the schools. SEDC will continue to look at options.

Clint is scheduling instructors for Boot Camp and will be in touch.


Ed Tech Endorsement:

The group agreed that there was a need and would support.

Action-Cory will set up a plan and present to bSWATT.


bSWATT Meeting October 13, 2015

Those in attendance bSWATT:
Cory Stokes, SEDC
Clint Stephens, SEDC
Josh Klienke, SEDC
Scott Harpster, SEDC
Jason Eyre, Garfield via IVC
Troy Bradshaw, Vista via IVC
Travis Terry, Kane via IVC
Troy Lunt, Iron at SEDC
Kevin Chapman, Millard via IVC
Lane Limb, Beaver via IVC
Agenda & Action Items:
  • Open Discussion on Chromebooks, SAINTCon, other items
  • Technology Plan
    • Grant Goal to better document grants and goings on. CenturyLink Grant Training next week in Iron. Moving forward.
    • Tech Standards for Support/Training Goals. Please provide feedback. 
      • Make sure that latest version and subsequent updates are documented and dated.
      • Make sure we stress the Train-the-Trainer approach with our Superintendents and that we have their support.
  • Communication Plan
    • UEN stated strong communication practices, but we have areas to improve upon.
    • Troy gave feedback that wording is adequate for Charters
    • Board was good with list of services that end users can contact us directly with issues/requests
  • Train-the-Trainer Goals
    • Being addressed by CyberCorps
    • We will start to work on those goals and will get back to board next month
  • Review of Action Items from last meeting:
    • SB222: Good discussion at TCC. Plan is coming along.  The Supt’s in this region may rather have funds go to WPU. 
      • ACTION ITEM: Bring this up at SEDC Board Meeting in November to see where they lay and if they support this bill.
    • Security Breach HB 163
      • ACTION ITEM: Troy will send out information on items in the next week
    • Regional eRate Support: Needs survey filled out by Nov. 1 to be of any help. Iron and Washington is doing their own eRate filing. Kane is not interested. Millard is possible in. Lane will follow up with Tracy to gauge interest.  Cory and Jason will work on this on Thursday.
    • CyberCorps: Up and going with teacher PD on CTE Endorsement Course. Moving forward. Going well in Beaver. Greg is running with it in Iron, Troy is willing to help. Endorsement class is requiring too much work/time. Adjustments are being made. 
      • ACTION ITEM: January begin planning CyberCorps Boot Camp, May 13-14 at SWATC
    • SWATT Meeting
      • ACTION ITEM: Add ALL of Iron Tech Folks to roll to attend
    • Virtualization: Josh met with UEN folks on housing virtual server for WordPress at UEN, Josh will report next meeting
    • Retreat: Edna will Keynote on Team Building
      • ACTION ITEM: Request other attending service centers to bring along a few projectors, speakers, extension cords, flip charts etc. 
      • ACTION ITEM: Need final count of attendees by Dec. 15 from each district/charter
    • QuickTicket: Implementing at SEDC. Should help us. Will continue to follow-up with email, plus report in QuickTicket. 
      • ACTION ITEM: Scott to follow up with Jason in Garfield. He’s not getting all emails on tickets.
    • Firewall Next Steps:
      • ACTION ITEM: Remove from list
    • SEASAT: Data collection phase on Teacher and Administrator Self-Assessment. Tech Administrators please take the appropriate version of the Self-Assessment
    • Disaster Recovery Plan: Meeting on December 1. We will finish our plan at that time and will report out.
    • ISTE-iPACT Conference:
      • Kane: Jim Wood, probably Travis
      • Millard: Kevin Chapman, Mike Evans, Teresa Thompson
      • Charters: Sam & Troy from Vista, Troy will talk to Shane for interest
      • Beaver: Not yet
      • Iron: Not yet
      • Washington: ?
      • ACTION ITEM: Send us an email with who is officially coming from your district. Cory & Clint will follow up with you.
  • New Items:
    • WIDA Servers: we can provide this for districts it that’s what you would like us to. View system requirements.
      • ACTION ITEM: Cory will sent out item to Tech Directors to get your input. 
    • LEA Owned Devices & Filtering Requirement: Iron – if district owns device, don’t take it home, but there are issues with that and are undecided on how to proceed. Don’t ask don’t tell?? We don’t have a solution. We will push on state level to make change
      • ACTION ITEM: Cory will contact Jim Stewart and Rick Gaisford to see if there is any new/additional information
    • Online Student Courses: Run courses in need through Canvas, hire teacher to run covered by student fees. Drivers Ed, Financial Literacy, Citizenship Course to pass new required exam. Iron is interested, but concerned about Canvas fees. Kathy Webb is supportive of SEDC taking on this role – gets teachers involved and using this instructional model. It’s hard for students to go through Electronic HS because it’s open enrollment, better to have set start/end dates and some local support for success. 
      • ACTION ITEM: Edna will present to Executive Board for approval. Has approval from bSWATT
    • YouTube Restricted Video: In admin console, go to Apps —> YouTube —> Settings —> Content Settings and check the box for Restricted YouTube access. Need to make sure that Student domains/sub-accounts and Teachers are set correctly and differently if desired. Can make teachers YouTube Video Approvers. Takes iBoss filtering out of the equation and no need to use Clean Video Search
    • WiFi on Busses: Is anyone doing anything on this? Some schools up north are doing this. We would like to discuss it with other service centers. There is probably huge interest in this.
      • ACTION ITEM: Jason to send info to Cory to disseminate. 
    • SEDC Tech Evaluation: Linked to line 35 in SmartSheets (paperclip icon on left of row). We are and will be working on Security, Disconnect of roles/Services vs Support
    • Regional Co-Op Purchases: Turnitin will not work out – free alternative for teachers to use at https://www.grammarly.com/plagiarism-checker. No other purchases other than Chromebooks going on at this time. 
      • ACTION ITEM: Clint to report back on educational potential of new $50 Kindle Fire 
      • ACTION ITEM: Josh will send out email to see what Chromebook models are being purchased in the region and will share out with group

bSWATT Meeting September 15, 2015

bSWATT September 15, 2015



Jason Eyre, Clint Stephens, Troy Lunt, Cory Stokes, Josh Kleinke, Scott Harpster, Chris Haught, Edna LaMarca

IVC-Travis Terry, Tracy Davis, Troy Bradshaw, Charlie Roberts

Discuss Tech Standards Doc

Cory reviewed the doc with the group and the group made suggestions (see doc)

Review Action Items from Last Meeting on Aug 18

Regional e-rate support

Districts/Charters that are interested need to complete form by Nov 1.

iBOSS Training / MDM etc.

Training scheduled for November SWATT meeting November 3

CyberCorps Project

There are 20 schools signed up, 2 are out of the region, classes will start on September 16.

Research 2 Write-LSTA Grant

Chris reported that we are on track and will be starting with Iron next month


Josh and Jim are working on storing WordPress installs at UEN


Cory will work with other service centers to create agenda

Quickticket for the SEDC office

Scott will send out more info soon.

Firewall Next Steps

Scott will continue to work with schools, will follow up with Troy B. Scott will look for other support resources with Palo Alto.


Cory asked directors to please complete the survey as soon as possible

Netsafe next steps

The group discussed ways to implement, Edna will look at both bills (HB213 and HB298) to clarify requirements for schools regarding netsafe training.

New Items

SIS RDP open to the world

Request from Garfield, decision was made to use VPN, Scott will work with Jason.

AUP Discussion

The group discussed the need to update the current AUP’s, directors need to discuss with their superintendents. Charlie suggested we look closely at adding BYOD topics.

Completing the Disaster Recovery Plan

Directors will meet Dec 1 to review plans as a group

Smart Board Discussion

Jason had questions about which models others were using and were the flat monitors worth using, the others agreed that they were not. Travis suggested using an eBeam. Charlie discussed the different models and the fact that Chromebooks with Chromecast allow students to project from their computer. Cory will set up a Chromecast Demo for SWATT


Cory updated the group on the pricing he received, are districts interested in getting?

Technology Purchases

The group discussed the various pricing offered by different vendors for like items, Josh will create a database to be used to compare pricing and provide information to the group.

Current and Upcoming Regional Events that Involve bSWATT

bSWATT  Sept 15, Oct 13, Nov 17, Dec 8, Retreat Jan 26,27, Feb 16, March 22, April 19, May 17, June 14, and July 12

CyberCorps Roll Out Meeting Aug 18

ESL, Math, Reading Level I and Reading Level 2-Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesay Through the Middle of May using IVC

Ed Technology PLC Every Third Tuesday 3PM over IVC and SEDC Office

STEM Endorsement once a week on Thursday afternoon using IVC

SEDC Board Meeting-Sept. 16

CETL Exam Session Sept 30

TCC Meeting in Nebo

SWATT/T-Forum Meeting Nov 3

SUECON: Nov. 6-7

SAINTCON Oct. 27-30

Millard’s and Iron’s Tech Department Evaluation Nov/Dec 2015

4-Region Retreat: Jan. 26-27

Secretaries Conference: Feb. 10

SUMS Conference: March 2

Autism Conference: April 23

Administrators Conference: June 1

Legislators Steak Fry: June 8

ISTE National Conference: June 26-29

URSA: July 13-15

bSWATT Meeting Notes, August 18, 2015 at SEDC

bSWATT Meeting Notes, August 18, 2015 at SEDC

Those in attendance:

  • Kevin Chapman, Millard, IVC
  • Tracy Davis, Beaver, IVC
  • Troy Lunt, Iron
  • Edna LaMarca
  • Scott Harpster
  • Josh Kleinke
  • Charlie Roberts, Washington
  • Cory Stokes
  • Jason Eyre, Garfield, IVC
  • Troy Bradshaw, Vista, Charter Rep., IVC
  • Rick Gaisford, USOE, IVC


  • Tech Strategic Plan
  • Standards for Support/Training
  • Engaging Stakeholder/Communication Plan
    • Action Items: Cory will send link to plan out to the board. Please review communication plan and give feedback that is specific to your district and your communication preferences
  • Review of Action Items from last meeting on July 16, 2015:
    • SB 222
    • Security Breach/CyberInsurance
      • Districts (with exception of Washington) are covered if we have a security breach since they purchased the insurance even though we host their data for this year
      • If claims are made, premiums will probably go up, and SEDC may need to pay the premium next year
    • Regional e-rate support
    • iBOSS Training
      • Plan to do this with November 3 SWATT meeting in SG for tough questions, engineer will call in
      • Scott can help with reporting anytime
    • CyberCorps Grant Project
      • Action Items: Cory will send out meeting notes
    • Research 2 Write Grant
      • In the process of getting Chromebooks ordered
      • Curriculum is being built
      • More info to come
    • T-Forum
      • Now our SWATT group
      • Jim Stewart and Cory Stokes will chair to get it up and running
    • Needs Assessment
    • UEN Virtualization Project
      • Would like to start with WordPress service as a test run
      • Have support of the board to move forward with this WordPress Service Pilot
    • Retreat
      • We would like ALL full-time technology folks in attendance
      • Will be at Ruby’s Inn on January 26-27
    • QuickTicket for SEDC
      • We are moving forward to use this in our office
      • Will be a big part of CyberCorps support
      • We will track the support we are providing for all of our stakeholders
      • Do we allow non UEN IP space for ticket submission?
      • Action Items: Scott to present Google Authentication solution for ticket submission from non UEN IP’s and for backend administration
    • Firewall Next Steps
      • Troy @ Vista is not up and running yet
      • Second training has been scheduled for Sept. 22
      • Action Items: Please let Scott know what training topics are needed for 2nd firewall training
  • Media Stats and Discussion
    • Review stats here
    • Is there enough use/value for the $0.40/student we are paying ($0.77 in WCSD??
    • Action Items: Investigate the cost of licensing Bill Nye and other important titles to distribute via Overdrive, Chris Haught
  • Power IEP, Troy Lunt
    • All forms completed in Iron, have overcome some complications
    • All forms printing
    • Need to finish reports
    • Done 3 training classes
    • When can the system come down?
      • We can keep the system up and running as long as districts want, but the longer it is up the more risk of security breach and teachers remaining on the old system
      • Chris Kupfer asked to keep the old system online until Jan. 1 2016
    • IEP Pro server will remain accessible until January 1, 2016
  • NetSafe next steps
    • Is this now a responsibility by law of the school principal and Community Councils?
    • This needs to be an issue that is discussed with kids every day, and how do we get there?
    • How many issues or complaints/problems are we having?
    • Action Items: Edna will bring this issue up to the SEDC Executive Board for guidance
  • WordPress
    • We have approval from the bSWATT to move forward with the UEN Virtualization Pilot for hosted WordPress sites
  • Google Domain Training schedule for November/December
    • Will be a part of the November 3 SWATT Meeting
  • Google Cardboard
    • Scott provided a demo of the technology
    • Is this something that we can provide PD and training on?
    • What are the hardware & OS requirements? Will old iPods run the software?
    • Action Items:
      • Pilot with a school/classroom – Nathan Jenkins at Iron Springs? Chris Haught
      • Develop an informational page for the new “New Tech” section of our SEDC web site, curate educational apps, iPod and phone hardware requirements. Chris & Clint
  • ISTE with taking principals
    • Denver, June 2016
    • SEDC Technology Team is attending
    • We have money to bring a principal from each district to attend
    • Action Items:
      • Put together an informational flyer for principal involvement to distribute
      • Invite Superintendents to attend